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My pledge

Posted on: 30/01/2012

Hallo once more my WordPress friends…
I’m here to make a pledge
To make sporadic posting end
And live life OFF the edge.

So first of all I’d like to start
And tell you all this day
That posts will come one week apart
Arriving on Monday.

If you’re lucky there will be
An unplanned photograph
But mostly I’ll plan poetry
And try to make you laugh.

Occasionally I will need
To rant about a wrong
I will however do the deed
Without writing too long.

I’d love one day to do some more
And post a blog each day
But then it can become a bore
And you won’t want to stay.

And so (before you all turn grey),
I’ll just be true to me,
And write what makes me smile each day
…the joys of life’s journey.


I listen to audiobooks nearly all the time.  It enables me to be somewhere else whilst doing the housework. I’m frequently found in the kitchen wiping and sweeping to the sound of some stranger’s voice telling me a story, and it works for as long as smallest one doesn’t start wailing.

nuchylee / FreeDigitalPhotos.netTonight was different.  Tonight I had the first chapter of a new story read to me by loved one.  Loved one has been writing a fantasy novel as a hobby; this is the second book that he has exposed to me.  The first one I read in ringbinder format, and I liked a lot.  When he read me the new one, though, I was blown away.

I know, I’m supposed to say that, but really, it was every bit as good as the stuff I’ve been listening to, and possibly better.

I do hope he reads me the next chapter soon.  I’m dying to know what happens next.

Another blogger shared this with me today: –

10 Signs of a Typical Writing Day

Have a look. It reminds me of every time I try to make progress with one of my assignments.

Also, many of you reading this actually are writers. Does it ring familiar? I’m starting to understand why the likes of Roald Dahl locked themselves in the garden shed either nothing but pen, paper and an alarming quantity of alcohol.