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The beauty of a toddlers legs
With socks and shoes and skirt
The sturdy limbs unblemished still
Save for a splash of dirt

The way in which a toddler walks
And weaves from side to side
The smallest legs that take themselves
Their gait is theirs with pride

The unselfconscious way in which
A toddler walks around
Inquisitively looking for
New objects to be found

The singsong voice, the pure delight
They see in each new thing
Is something that I treasure
With every ‘find’ they bring.


I have to say, I look with dread

Upon this Thursday hence.

Appeal day will be ahead

– We’ll need to make some sense.

For oldest one and middle child

– through no fault of their own –

We’ve had to get appeals filed

It makes me want to groan.


It seems we’ve moved into a place

Where schools are all so good

That even with a catchment ace

Right in our neighbourhood

Our kids a place there must forego…


According to admissions

“The class was full three years ago

You really ought to listen.

The other children got here first.

They come from miles away

And just ‘cos your position’s worse

Don’t mean that they should pay.”


That’s fine, we say, just put us in

the next school round the corner.

“Sorry ma’am, but with chagrin

I really must inform ya

That they’re full too. You’ll have to send

Your oldest one right here

The fact that it would then depend

on buses far and  near

is rather academic…. Look,

according to this table

It’s under three miles in my book

So you really should be able.


“There’s more! As if to play the fool,

The place for kiddie two

Will be at quite another school

More miles away from you.

It would be fine to take a car

Each school?  Ten minutes flat

Walking might be rather far..

we don’t consider that.”


Yes – that is why I heave a sigh,

anticipating terror…

How can we get our kids to school

And make them see their error?

Wish me luck you lovely folk…

I need all you can muster

To make them see it’s not a joke

And get through all the bluster.






Yes, indeed.  Turns out smallest one, on the verge of walking for about a month, had simply been waiting for an audience to show off to.

image courtesy of NCT

We went to our local NCT Cheeky Monkeys Tea Party (they’re rather a nice way to spend a summer afternoon), and while we were there, milling about amongst the crowds of people walking, running, and crawling around, she thought this would be the perfect time to take nine whole steps to Daddy.

Loved one was very chuffed. Finally, smallest one does something significant, just for him.

I was chatting to someone at the time, when loved one called to me about three steps in.

I got very excited.

Funny, isn’t it? You’d think that after three children, you’d stop being excited when these little events occur. After all, you’ve seen it before, you know it’s no big deal.

But no. I squeaked with delight and was utterly thrilled. I was so proud.

So was smallest one. She did it again for the NCT camera.

Like I said, she likes an audience.

Smallest one is 12 months old, and received a baby walker (you know, like a small-sized, brightly coloured, wheeled zimmerframe) from her aunt and uncle for her birthday.  It’s taken her two weeks, but she’s sussed it.  So she now not only cruises the furniture but totters along wherever she wants to go with her wheels.  She cruised past me this morning with a big proud grin on her face.  Look at me, mummy!  I’m WALKING!

We have also had our first major word.  (Well, with the exception of ‘mumumumum’ and ‘dudududududu’, of course).  It is, ‘uddle’.  As in ‘cuddle’ but without being able to pronounce the C.

I am cuted out.

Another development is the desire to use a spoon when eating.  Usually I plonk food in front of her and let her use fists, fingers, face, to hoover it up, but sometimes I spoon-feed her.  She has decided that she likes to be in control.  So she grabbed the spoon and bowl off me, had several attempts to spoon it up.  Unsuccessfully, since the food concerned was more inclined to stick to the bowl than the spoon.  But she gamely kept a hold of the bowl with one hand and, after realising it wasn’t going to work on this occasion, dumped the spoon and used the hands.  However, the bowl stayed on the table – I was sure it would end up on the floor, and I was wrong!

smallest one eating

On this occasion, however, I didn't feel brave enough to proffer a bowl..

I just love little nuggets of progress.  Especially when they realise the achievement they have made and look so proud of themselves.  So small yet so adorable.  I am blessed ☺

Smallest one in the early days

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