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The beauty of a toddlers legs
With socks and shoes and skirt
The sturdy limbs unblemished still
Save for a splash of dirt

The way in which a toddler walks
And weaves from side to side
The smallest legs that take themselves
Their gait is theirs with pride

The unselfconscious way in which
A toddler walks around
Inquisitively looking for
New objects to be found

The singsong voice, the pure delight
They see in each new thing
Is something that I treasure
With every ‘find’ they bring.



I have to say, I look with dread

Upon this Thursday hence.

Appeal day will be ahead

– We’ll need to make some sense.

For oldest one and middle child

– through no fault of their own –

We’ve had to get appeals filed

It makes me want to groan.


It seems we’ve moved into a place

Where schools are all so good

That even with a catchment ace

Right in our neighbourhood

Our kids a place there must forego…


According to admissions

“The class was full three years ago

You really ought to listen.

The other children got here first.

They come from miles away

And just ‘cos your position’s worse

Don’t mean that they should pay.”


That’s fine, we say, just put us in

the next school round the corner.

“Sorry ma’am, but with chagrin

I really must inform ya

That they’re full too. You’ll have to send

Your oldest one right here

The fact that it would then depend

on buses far and  near

is rather academic…. Look,

according to this table

It’s under three miles in my book

So you really should be able.


“There’s more! As if to play the fool,

The place for kiddie two

Will be at quite another school

More miles away from you.

It would be fine to take a car

Each school?  Ten minutes flat

Walking might be rather far..

we don’t consider that.”


Yes – that is why I heave a sigh,

anticipating terror…

How can we get our kids to school

And make them see their error?

Wish me luck you lovely folk…

I need all you can muster

To make them see it’s not a joke

And get through all the bluster.






I think it’s been about three weeks since i decided to cool off about the weight loss thing.

For now, I’m glad I did. Sleep is proving elusive with all the house moving shenanigans.. Indeed I am only finding the time to blog because I can’t get back to sleep.  This is not helping my immense appetite.

I have also been using up my gym days house hunting, a full day’s job since where we want to move is an hour and a half away.  So the exercise thing has been tricky.

I didn’t get to the gym back on Wednesday, nor could I bring myself to go power pramming – the thought is currently too alien to me. Instead I went for a short, brisk walk with smallest one in the buggy. Only a mile and a half but I felt better for it.

Then, yesterday I had a lovely long country walk with a friend and smallest one in the sling.  I worked out the distance later and it turned out to be three miles. I was rather chuffed with that.

A friend has passed on a tip about running with the help of the couch to 5k initiative which also sounds like a good option to try for times when I do have childcare. Once i’ve tried it I’ll pass on the web link. Right now I’m phone blogging and a link would be tricky to pull off!

I reckon the best thing i can do about the whole exercise thing is keep changing it whenever things get stale and not allow myself to go for more than a week without doing something about it.

What’s not stale, though, is the Pilates classes which i am still attending once a week. The teacher is flexible so when loved one can’t be home I can squeeze into another class and catch up.

Looking forward to letting you know how I get on, another Friday soon…

graur codrin /

That’s how things feel at the moment.  A state of stasis?  That was yesterday.  Today I feel as if we’re back to square one.

Our offer has been trumped by someone else.  Admittedly they haven’t accepted it yet, but there is no reason for them to accept our offer over theirs unless we are in a better position than they are.  And we’re not.

So it’s back to trawling the websites and making twice-weekly trips cross-country to view more houses.

What’s particularly annoying is that this house we offered on, hideous though it is, gave us a taste for the kind of size we wanted.  Heaven forbid, I’d even have been able to teach there.

This means that now we are more particular about our needs, and unfortunately there’s not that much out there on our budget.  So many clichés come to mind.  Treading water, running the hamster wheel, and so on.  Basically getting nowhere.

Of course, sitting here complaining about it to you all is not going to help either, so I’d better sign off and go trawl some more websites.

Before I do, though, I’m going to limit the depressing experience.  I’m going to allow myself one hour only.  Then I’m going to go for a good, brisk walk.   Then I’m going to come back, put the radio on really loudly and sing along while I try to keep the house pristine.   After all, we’re not going to get anywhere if we don’t manage to sell our own house.   And I have to do something differently this time round, or else I will just go bananas. (There we go with the clichés again).  I need a bit of British spirit right now!

Hopefully I will be back on the blog with some more positivity next time…  In the meantime, if any of you have any tips to keep me sane, I would love to hear them.  You always have such good counsel.