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A is for – where I buy all my audiobooks before downloading them to my mobile.

B is for Of course.

C is for  Sigh

D is for – the people I do my weekly dance’n’tone classe with.

E is for I groaned when I saw this.

F is for Facebook. Yep, that fits too.

G is for – no, not Google but I really like the snacks they send me.

H is for Halifax. A spot of online banking every once in a while.

I is where the influence of Google returns –

J is for – a nice independent game/game review site, for when I’m procrastinating.

K is for  I looked it up this morning when I was trying to find out why it was trending on Twitter.  Turns out everyone thought their Enfield shop burned down in the riots this weekend (it didn’t, it’s open for business as usual).  Shame it wasn’t on my prediction list for its own glorious sake. (And now I really want a doughnut.)

L is for, better known as Which Local. A place I go to when I need a tradesman I can trust.

M is for Fair enough.

N is for

O is for Weekly grocery shopping has never been more serene.

P is for, where I get my digital photos uploaded and printed.

Q is blank!  Not that surprising, really..

R is for  I wonder what it would be if this weren’t the year we are moving house.

S is for, namely because every time I find a house I like, I have to go here to check what the catchment school is.  I thought my other online bank would be here, but clearly I am more interested in schools than in money. Really??

T is for  Not yet a regular user (except to publicize my blog of course), though the #bookswithalettermissing kept me fully occupied the other evening.

U is for  A great place to go to if you’re looking for sites with campfires – the most comprehensive site for the UK, even if it is crying out for a graphic designer to work their magic on it.

V is for  A european designer sales site, where I get nice kids designer clothes (and other stuff) at high street prices without once having to deal with the stress of going into a clothes shop with three children.

W is for, of course.

X is also blank!  Seriously. I don’t do the x-rated stuff.

Y is for Where I go for vast quantities of dodgy karaoke tracks.

and finally, Z is for Another house move website.  Very useful for finding out what a house was bought for and when.

* * *

That was a slightly unnerving exercise.  If I was the model mum/teacher/student, who didn’t procrastinate, shop at online sales, sing to her computer and play club penguin when the kids aren’t looking, I wonder what it would look like then?

Oh yes.

Boring.  🙂


I’ve had a relatively productive day today.  I’ve made corrections on one of the two pieces of work I need to finish while I’m out here.  When I get home it should only require the odd tweak here and there till it’s fit to hand in.

The word ‘relatively’, though, because yesterday I finally managed to persuade the computer to connect to the wireless router.

prozac1 /

As such, I have fallen prey to the vultures of the internet.  Facebook circled round, saw me at a mental block with my work and swooped  in.  Miniclip was a partner in crime; for the best part of two hours it had me playing a particularly unimpressive game.  Even Twitter gathered round to peck at the remnants.

Somehow, when I have work to do, I always spend more time faffing about on the net than I do on the work. This is why I try to go to the library to study when I get the chance.  No connection there.  But there was a sleeping baby to consider on this occasion, so I was connected, and as ever, I became a victim of the vultures.

One day they’ll make a magic potion I can take before I sit down to work, which keeps me out of sight of those hunchbacked birds.

But, knowing me, I probably wouldn’t take it even if they did.  I seem to be a willing victim.