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It’s been four hours.  What have I accomplished in that time?

Well, it’s not been that bad. I got dressed, for a start. I got Peter to the doctor’s.  I took him to school.  I ironed for 15 minutes exactly (2 shirts, 1 pair of jeans, a baby duvet cover and a scarf. Not bad!)  I spent another 15 minutes dealing with the dishwasher and the mess in the kitchen.  Not enough, but a start.

Then I spent an hour playing with and dressing smallest one.  Delightful.  We even got around to cutting her fingernails. Without a fuss! (Older children, take note. It’s not torture if you relax)

Then we went outside.  She played, and I put up the jubilee bunting.  No, it wasn’t on the to-do list, but I needed to do it this week, the weather was nice, and it meant she could be outside even when I needed to get on.  Admittedly she was quite keen to climb the ladder, but there were sufficient distractions to prevent her getting stubborn about it.

Then I let her watch a little cBeebies while I got the kitchen into a state where eating lunch wasn’t going to be detrimental to our health, cooked lunch and spent a pleasurable half hour.

Now smallest one is upset because it’s quiet time.  What I mean by this is, it’s nap time, but she is adamant that she doesn’t want to sleep.  That’s fine.  She stays in her room, plays or reads on her bed, and she’ll drift off soon enough.

I have managed to get some laundry on since then, and now I am here telling you that I feel like I’ve had a productive morning!  How does the original list tally up, though?

  • Get dressed. Yes! I managed to be fully clothed before going to the doctor’s. The doctor doesn’t know how lucky he is. 
  • Take oldest one to doctor. Yes!
  • Clean up at home.  Especially after smallest one took a lot of time and trouble to smoosh banana into the kitchen floor. Not enough. The floor is still hideously sticky.  And I need to run the dishwasher a second time.
  • Do a long and tedious work related email. No, but I am doing it next.
  • Pay that garage bill. At least I know how much I should pay, and I have found the chequebook. Nope. Must do that today.
  • Do forms for oldest one and middle one’s school trips.  And pay. Nope. Hopefully later.
  • Organise my teaching stuff. Nope.  This might need to wait till tomorrow.
  • Re-think my teaching plans to include what I learned on an amazing Natal Hypnotherapy study day I just went on. Nope.  Another for tomorrow perhaps.
  • Work out how to get the second freezer working. No, but I did measure up and I think it will fit. There’s about 3mm in it.  Will get loved one to help lift it when he gets home.
  • Try to diminish Mount Washmore. I’ve made a start.  As long as I don’t forget it’s there.
  • Rediscover the floor in our bedroom. Nope.  Maybe tonight after kids are in bed?
  • Iron the clothes taking over the biggest wardrobe. Well, I’ve done 15 minutes worth. And I will do more when smallest one isn’t roaming around.
  • Contact 7 couples that I will be teaching next week. Not yet.  Also next on the list.
  • Keep smallest one from misadventures. Yes! So far, anyway.
  • Try to spend time with smallest one in spite of all the above.Yes, yes, yes!

Well, actually I feel like I’ve not done too badly.  I’m going to do all my computer work now while smallest one is in quiet time, followed very swiftly by hurried attempts to mop the banana off the floor before she wakes up. And the rest will have to wait till later.

Of course, this is pretty average for any mum with a working husband and one or more children not yet at school.  And everyone else seems easily able to cope with it.  So can I, sometimes.  But I need motivation sometimes too.  Maybe if I achieve the full list by the end of tomorrow I will treat myself on Friday (pay day in our house).  We’ll see how we go!

Smallest one, 4 days old

I haven’t been taking photos today, so here’s one from the archive, when smallest one wasn’t quite as feisty as she is these days…

Part 2 begins at 10.12am. In the last hour I have managed to:

Refill and run the dishwasher
Have some tea and toast.

I can see it’s going to be a long day. So I have also refilled the kettle and checked on the kids. They even got extra toast.

They are lucky…in this house being ill means curling up and watching cBeebies all day. Good for them to watch so much TV? No. God for me getting on with stuff. Oh yes. Well, maybe.

One discovery I have made is, if I put the timer on this marvellous iPad contraption on, and then get it to tell me stories while I do the chores, the timer switches itself off. I feel a one star rating coming on. Hello, oven timer. I’ll use you instead.

Oh. No. Oven timer has a dud beeper. It will get to zero but no sound will be made.

Can I cope? Flylady relies on 15 minute bursts of activity. ‘You can do anything in fifteen minutes!’ is a good catchphrase. Though I would prefer you don’t think about it too much, or your mind may take you far from housework. My old timer ran out of batteries a couple of weeks ago.

Hmm. This morning routine looks suspiciously like it may stray into the afternoon at this rate.

Time for another cuppa, then, perhaps.

The beauty of a toddlers legs
With socks and shoes and skirt
The sturdy limbs unblemished still
Save for a splash of dirt

The way in which a toddler walks
And weaves from side to side
The smallest legs that take themselves
Their gait is theirs with pride

The unselfconscious way in which
A toddler walks around
Inquisitively looking for
New objects to be found

The singsong voice, the pure delight
They see in each new thing
Is something that I treasure
With every ‘find’ they bring.



Just a little everyday snippet that I managed to capture after bath time the other day…





As I sit, I should be doing one of three things.

One. Play with smallest one. Who, devoid of better things to do, is systematically going through the moving boxes I have packed, removing items she likes the look of, and subsequently eating them or destroying them.

Hmm. There’s a lesson in there somewhere.

Two. Go through all the papers that are surrounding me.  I got halfway with this a few days ago before I was sidetracked. Then smallest one found them and jumbled them all up again.

Hmm again – is this the same lesson as before, perhaps?

Three. Go and clean the kitchen. I’ve been so busy trying to make some progress with the move that I haven’t done a thing to the kitchen (save clear and wipe the table before meals) for around 48 hours now.

We are running out of plates. And cutlery. And space to put the dirty stuff. Reminds me of student days. (Let’s not go there; the memory of mouldy dishes is still nauseating.)

And we’ll not think about the things I should be doing after that.



Forcing oldest one to write a thank you letter to his grandparents…

What I should not be doing, is blogging. Yet…here I am. In that kind of a mood where words flow off the tips of my fingers and refuse to stop till the RSI I once banished returns in full flood.

Now smallest one has found a rice cake.

There should not be rice cakes around. This is quite likely a rice cake that fell to the floor yesterday or even earlier.


OK. I really had better and tidy up before someone gets ill. Later, folks.

(Anyone for a half-eaten dirty rice cake?)

Smallest one in the early days

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