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Oops. Been a VERY long time since I blogged properly.  I must learn to stop making promises I’m too busy to keep. Sorry.

Anyway, I’m typing on an old laptop with a new keyboard that’s improved things from some-keys-don’t-work-at-all-since-smallest-one-picked-them-all-off …to works-OK-if-you’re-prepared-to-type-as-if-your-fingers-were-tiny-sledgehammers.  My desk now looks out of our living room window and the kids, some of whom came home from school in a really bad mood, have turned the volume up on the stereo and are bouncing round behind me.

I felt inspired to reach for my inner poet today, what with my loved one being, well, just lovely. Life goes on at such a fast pace that sometimes it takes me a while to stop, reflect and realise just how wonderful he is to me.  So I wrote a poem in advance of our weddng anniversary.  Thought I’d share it with you.  Some of you will recognise the references…and if you want to ask more the comments section is open!

(Feeling quietly proud of achieving a proper Iambic Heptameter too.*)


Another spring comes round again;

We’ve reached that time of year

When daffodils and crocuses

And blossomed trees are here.

From this I know that very soon

For one sweet day and night

I get to have you to myself:

A rare but fine delight. 


I bless the day I realised

That you were meant for me,

I must admit, I was amazed

That you seemed to agree!

From broken ankles, moving in,

Eclipses, trips and more

I bear two moments dearest

When I knew our love was sure.


The first was back in Central Park –

You sprang a ring on me.

I was relieved you listened

And stayed off the bended knee.

The glistening snow, the words you spoke

Were such a huge surprise

I really couldn’t stop the tears

That trickled from my eyes. 


The second time, our wedding day

I knew our love was strong

But when we spoke the vows we gave

I realised I’d been wrong.

I knew right then that what we had

Was so much more than love.

The feelings that we had that day

Had reached a plane above.


Today we’re twelve years further on

And one thing I have learned

My love is sometimes buried deep

Which risks you feeling spurned.

So let me now articulate

Those feelings deep inside.

I love you more than life itself

I cannot stem the tide.


The flow of love I have for you

Is matched by you alone.

Through times when we are struggling

Or kept away from home.

Each year I love you more and more; 

I take my strength from you.

It’s you that makes my life complete:

I love you through and through.



Here’s a little photo of Loved One. Just in case you were wondering what he looks like.  

Thanks for reading! Till the next time…








*yes, I did have to look that up. 


I saw blossom today for the first time this year.    The sun is shining, the new lambs are appearing in the fields, the daffodils are blooming, the crocuses  are peppering the verges around town and somehow everything feels better.

It’s been a bit stressful this week.  Much beloved jetted off with oldest child at 6.45 this morning to celebrate godfather’s 40th on a Napoleonic fort off the coast of one of the Channel Islands.  As you do.  We also have three viewings on our house today.  Oh, and I’ve been out doing class observations for my latest assignment.  So you can see why (a) I didn’t manage  to post anything yesterday, what with all the tidying, cleaning and packing, and (b) I needed a bit of pepping up.  Especially as I just can’t sleep well at the moment; my forgetting-the-children anxiety dreams have been replaced by we’re-never-going-to-move-house-at-this-rate anxiety dreams.

So I was quite pleased when I made it to the hair salon this morning after dumping the remaining two children at nursery and school respectively.  And I kind of shocked the hairstylist when I told him I wanted a restyle. (OK, so I was supposed to wait till I had lost some weight, but delayed gratification was not going to offer me the pick-me-up I needed right now.)

You’ve seen the odd picture of me with my normal hair; in fact if you know me, it’s what you’re used to.  Here you go if you’ve not got a clue what I usually look like: –



You know, one length, dead straight, etc.  Nothing essentially wrong with it, until you realise that this has been my haircut of choice, on and off, for the last twenty-three years.   I am just so bored with it.

Now, in the past, I’ve gone a bit mad with getting my hair hacked off.  Boy short is great if you have either strong cheekbones or a good chin.  I have neither.  So I decided not to go down that route any more.

This, instead, is what we went for, decided on the spur of the moment in the two minutes on the salon sofa before being called across to get my hair washed.



To be honest, in the pic it doesn’t look drastically different.  But were you to look at it from the back (which I can’t seem to do on the webcam without breaking my neck), you’d see it’s all been hacked off so it’s definitely not one length any more.

This has the effect of making my remaining hair all light and springy.  Fresh air on the back of my neck. Mmmmm.

So, as I hop along to the nursery and pick up smallest one, there will most definitely be a spring in my step.

And in my hair.