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Yes, we offered on that house I was going kitchen-crazy about yesterday.

They refused, asking for another £5,000.

We expressed disappointment.  We really, really can’t stretch any further. We left the offer on the table, but pointed out that we would not wait more than a week, since we would be homeless in October if we didn’t get a move on finding somewhere to live.

The agent, who is one of two marketing the property, would appear to have been fighting our corner.  After all, he doesn’t want the other agent to walk away with the commission.  At half past five this afternoon we got a call from a new agent verifying our buying credentials.

The owner of the house would appear to have deferred all authority to a well-known developing company, who, after hearing what the first agent passed on, would appear to be re-thinking the offer. Since they then contacted their own selling agent, who then rang us.

I don’t dare believe that we have it in the bag.  Yet.  But I can’t help hoping.

So we have to hold our nerve.

(I have no fingernails left.)