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After Monday’s partial success, I am typing at 11.30 on a Wednesday morning and, aside from somehow getting the kids to school, I have done absolutely nothing.

I am tired. Very tired. So tired that if anyone tells me anything I don’t want to hear I am liable to go and hide under the duvet until it all goes away.

It’s my own fault, mostly. I went to bed on time. My bedtime routine involves listening to audiobooks. Ideally from my phone, which is free of distractions and sends me to sleep quickly. But for some reason the phone is not downloading any books for me, and as a result I have had to use the iPad instead. I get the same audiobooks, but I also get distraction in spades. All those silly games I mentioned on Monday? It’s worse at night.

I’m therefore running on 5 to 6 hours sleep per night. Clearly I need to sort out what is going on with my phone app. There, that’s job number one. Make sure I check back and let you know if I dealt with it.

Job number one? Oh yes, I forgot to mention. The Flylady mentioned before has a plan for Wednesdays. Yes, Wednesday is Anti-Procrastination Day.

Isn’t that the best name a day can have? I love it.

Anyhow, at half past eleven I have realised this and thought, hmm. Yes, let’s just do it. Let’s get on with it. Let’s not waste an entire day just through tiredness. Let’s make Flylady proud. Even though she doesn’t know I exist, she would be proud. And I will feel pleased with myself by the day’s end.

See how I am galvanising myself into action? Don’t mock it, it’s a rare and precious occurrence.

Here’s the plan. To be done before the school run this afternoon. They don’t call me ambitious Sacha for nothing. Yeah, I know, they don’t call me ambitious Sacha at all. Never mind, just read my list, okay?

Job 1: work out why my phone won’t play audiobooks and come up with a suitable solution.

*** update! I finally managed to think a little laterally and discovered the phone had tried to connect using BT Openzone (which doesn’t work without going to the browser and typing in a password). ¬†A few taps later and everything is hunky dory. Yay! ***

Job 2: post belated birthday pressies to my lovely nephew. Can’t wait for him to see what we chose. Can’t believe we left it lying upstairs for two weeks.

Job 3: stuff the morning routine, but do clean up in the kitchen. Including washing down the counters, which the ants have rediscovered. Ugh. Hmm. Not particularly looking forward to that.

Job 4: phone up the garage and check they haven’t forgotten to resend the bill I told them I’d lost in all our clutter. Maybe they’re as disorganised as me. Naah, surely not.

Job 5: declutter some more. Put away all the clean laundry and tidy up the lounge. And landing. Enough to hoover.

Oh, did I mention I tidied smallest one’s room in 5 minutes flat when I put my mind to it. I put her to bed, and she didn’t want me to leave, so I stayed and tidied till she drifted off. Here’s the ‘before’…

20120516-114239 AM.jpg

And here’s the ‘after’.

20120516-114340 AM.jpg

Job 7: hoover. I can’t bear to leave it till next week.

Job 8 is for tomorrow. My new-ish work as an antenatal teacher still needs a fair bit of preparation. If I can sort the sleep out and have a vaguely tidy house, that will set me up nicely.

There is of course one more job, which doesn’t feel like a job. Well sometimes it doesn’t, anyway. Spend some time with smallest one. Snotty still, but in a very good mood. Her smiles always cheer me up, even when I’m in a terrible mood. Adorable child. ūüôā

20120516-115057 AM.jpg


As I sit, I should be doing one of three things.

One. Play with smallest one. Who, devoid of better things to do, is systematically going through the moving boxes I have packed, removing items she likes the look of, and subsequently eating them or destroying them.

Hmm. There’s a lesson in there somewhere.

Two. Go through all the papers that are surrounding me.  I got halfway with this a few days ago before I was sidetracked. Then smallest one found them and jumbled them all up again.

Hmm again – is this the same lesson as before, perhaps?

Three. Go and clean the kitchen. I’ve been so busy trying to make some progress with the move that I haven’t done a thing to the kitchen (save clear and wipe the table before meals) for around 48 hours now.

We are running out of plates. And cutlery. And space to put the dirty stuff. Reminds me of student days. (Let’s not go there; the memory of mouldy dishes is still nauseating.)

And we’ll not think about the things I should be doing after that.



Forcing oldest one to write a thank you letter to his grandparents…

What I should not¬†be doing, is blogging. Yet…here I am. In that kind of a mood where words flow off the tips of my fingers and refuse to stop till the RSI I once banished returns in full flood.

Now smallest one has found a rice cake.

There should not be rice cakes around. This is quite likely a rice cake that fell to the floor yesterday or even earlier.


OK. I really had better and tidy up before someone gets ill. Later, folks.

(Anyone for a half-eaten dirty rice cake?)

I’ve just come off a phone call to my tutor. ¬†We have agreed that the essay giving me so much grief would be best left on the back burner for a while.

I like it when my tutor agrees with me. ¬†This essay has been doing my head in. ¬†I can’t find enough relevant information to answer the questions I want to answer. ¬†So I’m a bit fed up with clunking my head against a brick wall. ¬†So it’s going on the back burner, and just as well.

graur codrin /

Somehow nothing gets burned on the back one.

This back burner of mine is incredibly versatile. ¬†In spite of being only one imaginary thing, it can happily store all my half-finished projects and plans until I feel ready to deal with them once more. ¬†Currently I have three potential houses, one weight loss plan, about one thousand un-sorted photos, two un-organised bookshelves and an eye laser treatment on there – enough to keep me going for a while, though I bet I’ll add more before I remove anything.

And now I have an essay sitting there too.

What do you have on your back burner?

Salvatore Vuono /

So.  Here I am, trying to make essay notes.

Smallest one is sitting happily on her mat (yes, at 9 months she has conquered sitting up), with her toys around her, enjoying a bit of all-too-rare baby TV. ¬†One thing I’ll say for cBeebies, they have the perfect mix of educational and fun. ¬†She loves it.

I’m sitting on the sofa. ¬†Not making essay notes.

I’m being sucked into baby TV.

Even though most of the programmes are mind-numbingly boring to an adult. ¬†I can’t help it. ¬†Boring TV or even more boring essay reading? ¬†It’s the TV every time.

I could leave the room, but I know that if I do that, I’ll ignore smallest one completely. ¬†And though she’s not yet crawling, she is still more than capable of getting herself into trouble. ¬†Last time I tried to do that she rolled right under the dining table and banged her head on the crossbar. ¬†And I didn’t realise for several minutes as I was ‘in the zone’ and not listening out for her.

What I should have done was take the opportunity to study when she was in childcare. ¬†But I was in the mood to blog … and ended up blogging all morning.

Oh, procrastination, you outwit me every time.