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Just a nice day, really – a promise to a friend got us out of the house nice and early (chores still not done at bedtime, oops) – so we went to the park.

This wasn’t just any park, though.  This was a really good park.  If the two smallest ones hadn’t got a bit cold and fed up after two hours, I think we could have stayed indefinitely.

Shame the camera on my phone has a one second delay, though.


Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.netMy phone has a special wake-you-up-gently alarm.  It sounds a bit like the relaxation music you can tune into on long-haul flights.  After five minutes of that, if you’re not already up, it will then give you a proper alarm.  I recently found out it could talk to me if I pressed the right buttons.  I quite like the idea of a phone saying, Good Morning, Sacha. *Six O’Clock*.  At a time when any intrusion on my sleep is unwelcome, it seems quite civilised.  I wasn’t unable to un-programme the alarm sound itself, but I did at least make it as unobtrusive as possible.  After all, I want loved one – who cherishes his sleep and does not need to get up at 6 a.m. – to still be talking to me by the evening.

I forgot that my phone’s speaker would be impaired if I put it under my pillow. (I often do this as it prevents my phone from being catapulted off the bedside table when I turn over in my sleep, earphones still attached both to it and my ear). As a result, the first thing I heard this morning was a gentle twinkling of bells with a muffled electronic voice saying, Goof-Mor-Nif-Fa-fa. Fif-O-Flof.

Actually, it was fine, though I’ll remember to stick my phone somewhere slightly more audible next time.  I dressed quickly and quietly out on the landing where I’d put my clothes the night before (I am planning on doing evening showers for the duration of my study extravanza, or else the children will wake) and crept into the study – now also smallest one’s bedroom – to get going with the work.

Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.netI reckon I got about thirty minutes of work in before smallest one woke and realised I was there.  I looked round from the desk to see a big grin bobbing up and down from behind the cot bars.  Of course, there was no way I was going to be able to work after that.

We cuddled.  I decided not to be quite so black-and-white about not nursing her any more and snuck back into bed with her so she could have a feed.  Which I actually quite enjoyed.  That’s a whole other blog post, though.  Since I was dressed already, the morning went quite smoothly and we were just about in time for school with no stress.

I think that if I can handle it, this is working well.  I had hoped for a full hour of study, but half an hour is pretty good if it’s uninterrupted, especially if it sets the day on the right course.

Now I feel I can blog happily (with input from smallest one, of course – she is particularly good at adding + and – signs, I have discovered) and without guilt. Next work session begins at nap time.   As long as I’m still awake, anyway. Where’s the caffeine?

Tonight I have been lying in bed. Lights out. Loved one snoozling away beside me.

nuttakit /

But I have not been sleeping.

Let me start a month or so back. My tiny MP3 player, which I use to listen to audiobooks last thing at night, was crashing regularly.  It also bugged me beyond belief that I couldn’t use a mains charger but had to stick it into my laptop instead. And then not charge because the laptop had gone to sleep the moment I left it alone. It annoys me just to describe it.

You might guess, then, that discovering that I could download audiobooks directly onto my mobile was an absolute delight. No more struggling to connect the dodgy cable every time the MP3 player needed charging or I needed a new book – just hassle-free listening bliss.

Or so I thought.

Back to tonight.  My phone is ready to play me the next installment of the Agatha Christie I downloaded.  But it is no longer charging out of sight in the kitchen, and I now have the irresistible temptation of a smartphone within reach at bedtime.

Over the last hour I have played Tetris and Papaya, checked my emails twice, not to mention blogging using the WordPress app.


And I haven’t even pressed play on the audiobook app yet.

It’s at times like these I wish all this technology didn’t exist, since my ability to resist fiddling with it at inappropriate times is non-existent. (I suspect that might be self-evident by now.)

However, it is strangely zen. Earplug in one ear as I lie on my side listening to music (yes, another app) and interacting with this tiny gadget – the only light source in the entire house.  I feel incredibly calm and relaxed in this tiny world that only reaches as far as the screen light can shine.

Perhaps I should stop blogging now, all the same.

courtesy of Markuso /

We used to have one of these phones as a kid. I love their heavy feel, and miss letting the pips trickle past your fingertips.


So the phone is ringing.  The caller ID is ‘withheld’. It’s either my mum, an international call, or a cold caller.  Let’s focus on the latter.

Now, I’m on the TPS (telephone preference service), which basically means it’s illegal to call me for marketing purposes unless I have specifically requested it.

If my man answers the call, he’s liable to do all sorts of clever things.  One is get the name of the company so that he can fill in the form and get them into trouble.  However usually they just hang up.

Other times he’ll keep them interested, by pretending to be into whatever it is they want.  (A friend of mine kept one cold caller going for 9 minutes.  Wonder if any of you can beat that?)   There was one occasion where he said ‘hang on a minute’ right at the start of the call, then left them hanging for 5 minutes…

Amused as I am by these antics, I can’t be that cruel.  I once spent three miserable months in recruitment and we would cold call every morning for two hours.  I didn’t like myself much in those three months, and nowadays I tend to think of those telemarketers as people unfortunate enough not to be able to get a nicer job.

So I’m straight to the point in my refusal to talk to them.  Blunt.  Polite if at all possible, but if they start to answer back, I’ll get lippy.

But I never, ever remember to ask them for their company name.

Scatterbrain again.