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I couldn’t help but post a status update on Facebook when our offer was finally accepted (yes, the one I had already re-designed the kitchen for).  So it’s probably no longer a surprise to most of you.  But I have to admit, even though it could all go horribly wrong, it is wonderful to be out of property limbo at last.

It reminds me a little of when loved one proposed to me all those years ago.  He likened it – after the hankies had been handed out – to pressing the ‘go’ button on the wedding plan.  It all began, and didn’t stop till we were married.

And indeed, within an hour of the offer being accepted, I’d phoned the solicitor, emailed a couple of surveyors for quotes, ditto for the removal company, and by 9.30 this morning I’d arranged the mortgage application appointment and been contacted by all three schools within walking distance.  My ear is hot from having a phone surgically attached to my ear and my back aching from being hunched over the laptop emailing non-stop.

Unfortunately, all the local schools are full for the years that middle and oldest ones will be coming into.  We solved the rental issue, though.  For the two months or so, loved one’s darling parents have kindly agreed to have us stay with them. This will save us a couple of thousand pounds. It also puts us in the correct local authority for schools, although unfortunately it won’t get us into the right catchment.

I reckon what will swing the schools will be the attitude of the council officer in charge of our case. If they understand and they are on our side, they will find a way to make it work for us.

If they don’t, well, I might find myself fumbling around the world of home education until a suitable solution is found.  And, as was pointed out to me this morning, a couple of months’ break from the rigours of school life won’t ruin them.

To be honest, if we were trying to rent in a strange new place as well, the concept of home educating would just be too much, especialy when I have my own studies to consider. But anticipating the calming presence of my mother-in-law has made me feel it could be a possibility.

But only if absolutely necessary. Let’s hope the council come up trumps and magic me up a couple of school places.


Yes, we offered on that house I was going kitchen-crazy about yesterday.

They refused, asking for another £5,000.

We expressed disappointment.  We really, really can’t stretch any further. We left the offer on the table, but pointed out that we would not wait more than a week, since we would be homeless in October if we didn’t get a move on finding somewhere to live.

The agent, who is one of two marketing the property, would appear to have been fighting our corner.  After all, he doesn’t want the other agent to walk away with the commission.  At half past five this afternoon we got a call from a new agent verifying our buying credentials.

The owner of the house would appear to have deferred all authority to a well-known developing company, who, after hearing what the first agent passed on, would appear to be re-thinking the offer. Since they then contacted their own selling agent, who then rang us.

I don’t dare believe that we have it in the bag.  Yet.  But I can’t help hoping.

So we have to hold our nerve.

(I have no fingernails left.)

Remember last week we were excited because we had actually had an offer that we felt was almost worth accepting?  The couple originally came to us with an offer nearly ten percent under the asking price, on the basis that they wanted to do the kitchen.

We didn’t want to pay for their kitchen – if it had been a fabulous kitchen already we would have asked more money for the house in the first place.  We said no.  They then came back with an offer less than five percent under the asking price, which would have been a struggle but possibly manageable.  They went away on holiday, leaving us to deliberate.

They came back yesterday and dropped their offer back down to the original price.  We said no. Again.

So we are buyer-free once more.  Loved one used the well-used cliché, ‘We’re back to square one again’.  I didn’t like how that sounded, however true it may be, so I likened the situation to a game of snakes and ladders. Every time we get a viewing, we’re going up a very short ladder.  Every time we get an offer, we’re going up a big ladder,  Every time someone doesn’t like the house much after a viewing, we slide down a small snake. Every time we get dumped in sewage by people trying to mess with our heads, we slide down a large snake.

I’m not a big fan of snakes right now.  Our offer on the other property had been accepted; they even went to offer on the house they liked, but even they couldn’t compromise enough to make it work, and nor should they.

I have been philosophical about this so far.  But now I’m writing it down I do feel a certain level of anger about how insultingly these people behaved.  Am I being over-sensitive? Are house buyers always like this? I would like to think not, though I can’t be too sure.  We know our own house is on at a reasonable price.

We also know it’s a buyers market.  But that doesn’t mean the buyer can insult us and get away with it.  Bring on a better class of buyer, that’s what I say.  And we’ll keep rolling the dice until one comes along.

graur codrin /

That’s how things feel at the moment.  A state of stasis?  That was yesterday.  Today I feel as if we’re back to square one.

Our offer has been trumped by someone else.  Admittedly they haven’t accepted it yet, but there is no reason for them to accept our offer over theirs unless we are in a better position than they are.  And we’re not.

So it’s back to trawling the websites and making twice-weekly trips cross-country to view more houses.

What’s particularly annoying is that this house we offered on, hideous though it is, gave us a taste for the kind of size we wanted.  Heaven forbid, I’d even have been able to teach there.

This means that now we are more particular about our needs, and unfortunately there’s not that much out there on our budget.  So many clichés come to mind.  Treading water, running the hamster wheel, and so on.  Basically getting nowhere.

Of course, sitting here complaining about it to you all is not going to help either, so I’d better sign off and go trawl some more websites.

Before I do, though, I’m going to limit the depressing experience.  I’m going to allow myself one hour only.  Then I’m going to go for a good, brisk walk.   Then I’m going to come back, put the radio on really loudly and sing along while I try to keep the house pristine.   After all, we’re not going to get anywhere if we don’t manage to sell our own house.   And I have to do something differently this time round, or else I will just go bananas. (There we go with the clichés again).  I need a bit of British spirit right now!

Hopefully I will be back on the blog with some more positivity next time…  In the meantime, if any of you have any tips to keep me sane, I would love to hear them.  You always have such good counsel.