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It’s New Year’s day. Hooray! Hooray!

Is that what I want to say?
I’m not convinced that what I write
Is worthy of this festive night.
You see, in twenty-twelve so far
Our plans and expectations are
Challenging to say the least.

The house is proving quite a beast..
Our surveyor was quick to mutter
We MUST do something about the gutter.
Not to mention half the roofs..
They’re barely fit for reindeer hooves.
They were done in ‘seventy-three
And not touched since, it’s plain to see.

Then the electrician frowned,
‘We fixed the wiring near the ground
But really need to do what’s higher
Or your lights will cause a fire.
Your garage we must disconnect
Right now, or else you can expect
A friendly fireman or five
With sirens wailing in your drive.’

There’s other stuff that must be done
To help us make our home more fun.
But really there is so much more
That twenty-twelve must hold in store.

We still have all three kids at home
In spite of hours on the phone
Trying to get them in a school.
It seems that even moving will
Not get a place that we can walk to.
So we’re appealing because they ought to.

This is casting quite a blight
On coursework that I need to write.
If I don’t get it done quite fast
The final deadline will have passed.
With two young ones to educate
(While for our appeal we all wait)
I really can’t find time to think
Without which any work will stink.

There’s good news too, though, don’t despair:
Loved one and I can’t wait to share
A decade’s marriage to one another
(I couldn’t have a lovelier lover)
And so we plan to go away
And have a super holiday.

Well, twenty-twelve purports to be
A challenging kind of year for me.
But since it will also hold
A love that’s over ten years old
I do believe we’ll be okay…

At least as far as New Year’s Day!


It’s Christmas, and I’m back once more…

This time I feel a change in store.

I feel inspired by blogs I’ve seen

To rhyme my posts from now on in.

Alternatively, you may see

I might just draw to tell of me.


There’s lots to tell of months gone by –

Some things that made me want to cry,

Some things that made me scream with rage

Or lock myself inside a cage…

The good new, though, is that as I type

(and this is really worth the hype)

I do so from our brand new dwelling!

Now wasn’t that a tale worth telling?


In posts to come I shall regale

You all with quite a lengthy tale

Of how we left our Bedford home,

And towards South Buckinghamshire did roam.

It wasn’t easy – it never is

But thankfully we did the biz.

We made it here December first

And though I’ll tell of tales much worse

We Christmassed here with much delight.

The rest I’ll tell you soon. Night night!