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We saw a house we liked yesterday.   We are considering offering.  So, in my usual way, I’m running away with creative ideas: the kitchen in this house is in desperate need of a makeover.

Inspired by mood boards in the design blogs I’ve been reading, I  spent an hour or two putting together something for the kind of kitchen I would like and could see working well in this house.  Take a look.

And then it struck me.

This is exactly the same colour scheme as my mum chose for her kitchen back in the 70s.

Picture this: Green cabinets with pine trim,  cork flooring, green table, green walls, white counter tops, and to top it off, pine tongue and groove ceiling (though I suspect that came with the house).  I wish I had a picture I could show you.  It was a great kitchen, but so green I couldn’t ever see me wanting a kitchen that colour.

And now here I am, thinking how soothing and inviting that green would be.

Oh dear.  I guess that’s why it’s not recommended to start visualising kitchens in a home you haven’t even made an offer on yet.