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Well, hello again. I do hope you are all keeping well.

I have to confess, last year was something of a washout for me. Mild depression and major fatigue were significant elements, but I worked through it, felt just fine on plenty of occasions throughout the year, got some proper sleep after Christmas and the world righted itself. Being an optimistic person, these things often do work out fine in the end. Once you have worked out how to crank the handle and put your life back into gear.

Anyhow, I’ve been itching to blog again for a few weeks now. I thought you might like to know where things are at chez Braindribbles.

Oldest one is 9. He’s just at the point where putting everything into mock inverted commas is a major part of his humour. Thinner than a beanpole and hungrier than a mammoth, I am starting to question the laws of physics. Or biology. Either way, it’s a mystery.

The photo below is from our trip to Snowdonia last spring, at a moment when he turned around to find the Easter Bunny right there and offering him a small Easter gift. He was rooted to the spot with embarrassment for a full minute. It was hilarious. For me, anyway…


Middle child is 7. She is loving finally being at the same school as her brother. It has solved so many issues for us. She’s also been industrious artistically – her recent paintings have merged her two favourite things: Hello Kitty and Star Wars. I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do.


Smallest one is 2. She’s completely out of nappies, thanks to the most sensible potty training book I have read so far. Her favourite song right now is ‘Three little monkeys’, often sung whilst jumping on my bed, while I’m still in it. Here she is, kidnapping my teaching dolls. Again. (Photo credit to middle child, by the way)


All of them are providing me with many many delightful cuddles through the day.

Loved one is being lovely as usual. He works so hard that he doesn’t feature much in the blog. Maybe that will change one day. He has something exciting in the pipeline and I may one day be allowed to tell you more about it…

As for me, well, I did qualify and I have a shiny diploma certificate to prove it. Somewhere. Buried in the piles of clutter I am still trying to work my way around. I’m loving my work, still getting used to the extra dynamic it brings but feeling more settled about it after 9 months of regular teaching.

I’m much more involved in my music too…more on that another day, but it’s all good.

As for the house move and settling in, well, we have the loveliest bunch of neighbours you ever met (they don’t read this blog so I’m not just saying that to humour them!), and have been so, so helpful in a challenging year and also become good friends. We intend to let the builders loose on our home in the next month or two, so we hope they will stay good friends in spite of the disruption!

And my general wellbeing has been restored by, would you believe, hypnotherapy…? Yup. I went on a Natal Hypnotherapy study day back in May as part of my ongoing training, and realised the possibilities for both my work and personal life. Of course, I didn’t take any steps to sort this out till Christmastime, but when I did, and did it properly, wow, what a difference. I’ve been using the CDs from Trance Solutions, an Aussie clinic that had the thought to make their work available on iTunes (a heap better than some of the other choices up there) and now I drift to sleep to a soothing antipodean voice and soft unintrusive music. And, after a couple of weeks, I started to feel like a completely new person.

Things are just as busy. I am just as forgetful. Things are just as messy. But they are slowly improving and, most importantly of all, I am feeling the way I ought to feel once more. Life is good.

Next post? Well, don’t hold your breath. But no doubt the itchy fingers will be back to give you a glimpse into my brain dribbles again soon ūüôā


I started thinking about this last night, but I was too dog-tired to do anything about it.

Story of my life.

Up until having babies, I was pretty short on stamina anyway… I suspect it to be a lingering after-effect of having had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – albeit mildly – at age 20. ¬† Not that I’m complaining. ¬†I knew people who had the same condition and just didn’t get better. ¬†Small mercies and all. ¬†Anyhow, the long and the short of it is, I wear out quicker than most, even when I’m reasonably fit.

(Right now, of course, I’m not reasonably fit. ¬†My weekly gym sessions have been suspended due to needing to house-hunt, and half the time hubby isn’t around for me to escape to a Pilates session.)

Anyhow, pre-babies, all I had to worry about was me.  Might explain why I never bothered tidying up after myself (well, maybe not, but I never had much energy to do anything, including tidying up).

After having babies, suddenly there’s a whole load more of everything to do. ¬†First of all you are carrying round a baby the whole time (unless your baby has reached the age where they are reasonably safe ¬†in their own company and will play nicely in their own room for a while, or better still go to school. ¬†Secondly you have a heap more laundry to catch up on, a heap more tidying up to do, a heap more meal preparation (because ready meals will no longer suffice), and a heap more cleaning.

There are superhuman stay-at-home Mums who somehow manage to bake cakes and suchlike on top of all this. How they do it I just don’t know. ¬†Surely they must collapse in a heap on the floor by teatime?

Speaking of which, that’s pretty much what happens to me every day. ¬†After getting up at the crack of dawn trying to feed, clean and dress the whole family before going to school, getting back from the school run to do the laundry and clean up in the kitchen, get on with the ironing – mood of baby permitting, feed the baby, squeeze in some lunch, go out grocery shopping or to a toddler group, pick up the kids from school, get home and flop.

That’s right, flop. ¬†At 4pm. ¬†My stamina just can’t get me through to bedtime.

Invariably I am then late getting the kids’ tea, and I have no energy to get them bathed and into bed. ¬†And if homework is involved, well, let’s just say they’re really late to bed on homework nights.

If the loved one gets home from work at a reasonable hour, which translates as any time before the children are in bed, he just has to take over as I’m completely wiped. ¬†If he’s lucky we’ll have saved him some dinner, but it doesn’t always work out that way and he’ll have to fend for himself pretty often.

Ambro /

This would be me if I were trying to do a paid job too

I adore my children. ¬†I wouldn’t trade, even for a bit more stamina. ¬†But it’s amazing how anybody copes. ¬†If I think I have it bad, I should spare a thought for all those mums who do a full day’s work on top of all this.

School.  Deserted over the Christmas break.

School. Deserted over the Christmas break.

So my two older lovelies go back to school in the morning. It’s been lovely but I am seriously craving some sanity all the same. ¬†A few weeks ago I was desperate for the term to end – and now I’m desperate for it to start again.

Why do we wish our lives away so?

Let me think about this for a moment.

OK, so the end of term, and December in particular, is always manic. Add that to a mix of very tired children, especially after a 4-month term, and it starts to make sense.

What you are craving is not the end of term as such, but just a chance to take a breather.

Not to be hassling the kids out of the door on pain of severe punishment should you be late AGAIN. Not to have to set the alarm clock for a while. Not to have to worry about the effect a late night will have on anyone, particularly yourself.

OK, so we have that one cleared up. We just want a breather by the time the end of term comes around.  So why do we want it to be over after a couple of weeks of chaos?

Well, actually I have to admit, today was rather nice. I was practising my calm, patient demeanour today after the resolution made to be more understanding and relaxed with the kids. They were more pleasant to be with as a result, and I was more inclined to be pleasant. More days like today I can handle.

It’s days like Saturday I can cope without. New Years Day with my parents over, meant tired, combined with overdose of parents, and unknowingly combined with severe PMT (my first period in around 18 months.) Add kids to that mix and, boy do you wish they were happily back in school.

Even today there is a part of me that is itching to get on with stuff that needs doing… I could always do them with the kids around, but somehow it tends to take at least twice as long.

I guess, then, that too much of anything can grate after a while. We’re back to that old clich√© of everything in moderation…but if you’re calm and patient, you’re in a better position than otherwise.

This resolution is looking good! ¬†I wonder if the other two I made are likely to be as successful…?

Only two more days to go. The kids are no longer bouncing downstairs on the dot of seven. Instead they show up at the breakfast table at twenty past, half past, quarter to eight, with bags under their eyes that would rival those of a new mum.

Not helped by the multitude of activities in the school calendar. This term in particular always goes nuts – it’s the December phenomenon. You know, school play (twice), carols for the local villagers, carol service, pantomime, christmas lunch, visit from Santa, Christmas craft fair, not to mention how many kiddie birthday parties.

So we are all lacking a bit of get up and go this morning.

Only about thirty-six hours and twenty-five minutes to go till it’s all done for the year.

Not that I’m counting or anything…