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It’s Christmas, and I’m back once more…

This time I feel a change in store.

I feel inspired by blogs I’ve seen

To rhyme my posts from now on in.

Alternatively, you may see

I might just draw to tell of me.


There’s lots to tell of months gone by –

Some things that made me want to cry,

Some things that made me scream with rage

Or lock myself inside a cage…

The good new, though, is that as I type

(and this is really worth the hype)

I do so from our brand new dwelling!

Now wasn’t that a tale worth telling?


In posts to come I shall regale

You all with quite a lengthy tale

Of how we left our Bedford home,

And towards South Buckinghamshire did roam.

It wasn’t easy – it never is

But thankfully we did the biz.

We made it here December first

And though I’ll tell of tales much worse

We Christmassed here with much delight.

The rest I’ll tell you soon. Night night!




TV coma

Posted on: 28/12/2010


Thanks to Merry's Mirror for the great pic

Hang on a second, let me think a moment…

Two, four, five, five and a half, oh, and the end of total wipeout with the kids this morning makes roughly six.

Yes, In time-honoured tradition at this time of year, I’ve watched about six hours of TV today.   All those family films that the children are just old enough to appreciate (ET, the Grinch), plus the long-awaited (no thanks to Virgin Media) Doctor Who Christmas special on catch-up.

It adds up.  And I haven’t had a chance to watch the new Upstairs Downstairs yet either.  I don’t know quite how I’m going to find the time!

So I have backache from slouching on the sofa too long, and my brain has gone so mushy it baffles me how I’m capable of forming coherent sentences.   Yes, it’s what everyone does at Christmas – somehow it’s part of what Christmastime is about. You know snuggling up on the sofa, full of food, in front of a roaring fire, a pet on your lap and a beloved relative’s arm round your shoulder.  Nevertheless, excessive TV-watching is just coma-inducing.

But I did rather enjoy it.  It’s been over twenty years since I saw ET, and what better way to catch up on a family favourite than with your children?  We have a little tradition – once the movie is over you have to call compare notes on each other’s favourite bits.  How delighted was I when they both said, ‘the bit where their bikes fly up into the air’…?

TV coma?  TV magic.

This is my mission. A christmas where the only clutter is the tinselly, christmassy sort and everything else is clear.

I feel the only reason why I get stressed at Christmas is because of the mess.

But the mess accumulates so quickly. You turn your back on a single child with a single present and – hey presto – you turn back to find paper everywhere, and little bits of toy all over the place.

Even less helpful when you have a baby who puts everything she can find in her mouth…

So my mission today is to get everything in our living room and hall clean and tidy. And then to re-clutter with good old Christmas tat. You can’t beat it!

I just have a feeling that I’ll be having to do this several times a day until twelfth night…