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My pledge

Posted on: 30/01/2012

Hallo once more my WordPress friends…
I’m here to make a pledge
To make sporadic posting end
And live life OFF the edge.

So first of all I’d like to start
And tell you all this day
That posts will come one week apart
Arriving on Monday.

If you’re lucky there will be
An unplanned photograph
But mostly I’ll plan poetry
And try to make you laugh.

Occasionally I will need
To rant about a wrong
I will however do the deed
Without writing too long.

I’d love one day to do some more
And post a blog each day
But then it can become a bore
And you won’t want to stay.

And so (before you all turn grey),
I’ll just be true to me,
And write what makes me smile each day
…the joys of life’s journey.


It’s Christmas, and I’m back once more…

This time I feel a change in store.

I feel inspired by blogs I’ve seen

To rhyme my posts from now on in.

Alternatively, you may see

I might just draw to tell of me.


There’s lots to tell of months gone by –

Some things that made me want to cry,

Some things that made me scream with rage

Or lock myself inside a cage…

The good new, though, is that as I type

(and this is really worth the hype)

I do so from our brand new dwelling!

Now wasn’t that a tale worth telling?


In posts to come I shall regale

You all with quite a lengthy tale

Of how we left our Bedford home,

And towards South Buckinghamshire did roam.

It wasn’t easy – it never is

But thankfully we did the biz.

We made it here December first

And though I’ll tell of tales much worse

We Christmassed here with much delight.

The rest I’ll tell you soon. Night night!



Once again my life is gathering pace, hurtling towards our move deadline at increasing speed.

I’m quite pleased that I’ve blogged every weekday for some time now…but it’s now got to the point where I can’t sustain it and meet the other demands on my time, so I will save it till things have calmed down a little.

You might get the odd post once in a while, especially if the events of the coming weeks are too interesting to keep to myself, but I doubt I will be regular again till early to mid October.

Thanks for being such great readers!  I’ll be back before you know it ☺

As I sit, I should be doing one of three things.

One. Play with smallest one. Who, devoid of better things to do, is systematically going through the moving boxes I have packed, removing items she likes the look of, and subsequently eating them or destroying them.

Hmm. There’s a lesson in there somewhere.

Two. Go through all the papers that are surrounding me.  I got halfway with this a few days ago before I was sidetracked. Then smallest one found them and jumbled them all up again.

Hmm again – is this the same lesson as before, perhaps?

Three. Go and clean the kitchen. I’ve been so busy trying to make some progress with the move that I haven’t done a thing to the kitchen (save clear and wipe the table before meals) for around 48 hours now.

We are running out of plates. And cutlery. And space to put the dirty stuff. Reminds me of student days. (Let’s not go there; the memory of mouldy dishes is still nauseating.)

And we’ll not think about the things I should be doing after that.



Forcing oldest one to write a thank you letter to his grandparents…

What I should not be doing, is blogging. Yet…here I am. In that kind of a mood where words flow off the tips of my fingers and refuse to stop till the RSI I once banished returns in full flood.

Now smallest one has found a rice cake.

There should not be rice cakes around. This is quite likely a rice cake that fell to the floor yesterday or even earlier.


OK. I really had better and tidy up before someone gets ill. Later, folks.

(Anyone for a half-eaten dirty rice cake?)