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A move date

Posted on: 17/08/2011

That’s right.  We have a moving date.  29 September.  Expect some disruption to your usual service.

Only thing is, it’s a one-way moving date.  We move out on 29 September.

As things stand right now, we become homeless that day. Rental property is like gold dust where we are looking (we’re trying to look in the school catchment that we want so that the kids don’t have to change schools.)  I got in touch with three agents today, who all said that the property advertised has already gone.

Boo. Those were the only ones in the area.

All this on top of not yet knowing whether we’ve got the house we want to move into (which won’t be available till December, hence the homeless thing).   We found an extra few grand after loved one filed his company tax return and discovered he had a rather nice rebate, meaning we could offer what they needed.  But…they still haven’t come back to us.  I believe it’s just a bit convoluted rather than deliberate silence, since there’s the selling agent, the developer, the developer’s agent and the owner of the house we want that’s buying the new home from the developer that Jack built, and all of them have some say in whether our offer is accepted.

Still with me? I think you get the gist.

Do any of you have any nuggets of wisdom on the rental thing?  In spite of my original leanings towards the idea of home-schooling for a short period of time, my realist self tells me I won’t get much education into them when I’m going to be busy (a) trying to move and (b) trying to complete my diploma.

Really not sure what to do.  It’s a bit of a headache really.  (Mind you, loved one seems fairly chilled out about it all.  He nipped out for an hour this afternoon (he’s on leave this week) and came back with a brand new iPad. I refuse to be jealous. As long as he lets me use it regularly, that is.)

But no! A brainwave! Perhaps…the answer is not to rent there but to  North Bedfordshire will be an awful lot cheaper than South Buckinghamshire. Local friends will be delighted (I hope) to see us for a little longer, and we won’t disrupt the schooling.

Need to consult with loved one about it – assuming I can prise him away from the new iPad long enough to have a conversation, that is – but I think this may be the answer.

Hooray!  I love blogging.  I always seem to get a solution. 🙂