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Here’s another of my discoveries.  It’s a full-length version of Toto’s ‘Africa’, done completely acappella by a large Slovenian choir.

Putting it like that, you might be inclined not to watch it.  But do.  I really can’t believe such a large choir can be this good at acappella.  Also the start’s a bit of a treat too…


As you may have gathered from many of my previous posts, I am nuts about singing.  I especially enjoy acappella, but I’ll sing anything just so I can get my singing fix.  The kids are at that age where me spontaneously bursting into song is just a little embarrassing; I can’t possibly imagine why.

There are loads of opportunities to sing out there, but I haven’t found a single one that doesn’t require a childcare solution; that’s why I decided to set up a once-a-month Saturday singing group.  People come for the day, the children run around playing with each other, it’s all very informal but a lot of fun.

Trying to get a bunch of other parents – and non parents for that matter – together on a sacred Saturday, is tricky to say the least.  Let’s face it; most people have plans for most of their Saturdays. We have so far managed just the one Saturday, and since then either I have been busy, or everyone else has.  (And you do tend to need a certain number of people if you want to sing acappella.)

I am struggling with this issue.  I can’t see a way through.  Sundays are also sacred in a similar way to Saturdays – you might even say more so – and weekday evenings require childcare.  I can’t plan long-term until after we have successfully moved house, and until that happens we are at the mercy of short-notice viewings anyway.


I think I am going to have to revise my ambitions a little.  What I’m going to do is keep holding one Saturday a month for singing, but not worry about the numbers – I’ll make it an open house instead.  Whoever we get, however many we get, we’ll just sing along either to my guitar (or piano once we eventually move) or one of many backing tracks I have, jointly, individually, whatever people feel comfortable with.  And on those occasions where we do get enough people to come along, then we can have another go at the acappella stuff.

That sounds to me like it has considerably more chance of success.   I get to spend time with friends and sing at the same time.  A vast improvement from having to cancel all the time.

Yeah.  That should do it.  I feel better already.

…and amid the landfill of other videos uploaded to YouTube, I found this.  Apparently five million people have already seen it; if you are one of them, apologies for not being original on this occasion.

You may have gathered that my music uploads tend to have an acapella theme (you know, singers take place of instruments).  This is no exception.  But for sheer entertainment factor, and amazing vocal performance, it’s well worth a watch.

If you can get over the alien thing, anyway.

You may notice that a lot of my posts are more frivolous while I’m away.

I scratched an acappella itch with this one.  Every so often I search YouTube for good acappella videos.  Many of them are done with one person doing the whole lot…it’s weird but wonderful.

Here’s a very well thought-out homage to John Williams and the Star Wars story.