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It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  I haven’t checked out since, um, before the end of term.  And I was doing OK before that, thanks to the heaps of exercise I was getting at various classes.


It’s fallen a bit flat.  Classes have been a no-go; they no longer accept kids over five years old in the creche (and I don’t blame them, really – would you want a bunch of school-age kids rampaging over the babies?).  I’ve also been revelling in no routine.  Which is good for feeling rested and relaxed, and blooming awful for getting anything done.  (I’m also heavily behind on my laundry.  Previous posts boasting of conquering Mount Washmore are shamefully inaccurate right now. We haven’t quite got to the inside-out underwear trick, but we have come close.)

Anyhow, I suspected I had put on a fair bit of weight when we went camping (marshmallows, beer, etc.), so I hid from the scales for a while.  Then, when I got back on the scales, they generally said the same thing for a few weeks.  Somewhere between 12 st 1 lb and just over.

I’ve been watching what I eat, but not particularly carefully.  I am trying not to make it feel like a diet.  Of course, that generally means I’m not losing any weight; it’s a fine balancing act, but at least I’m not gaining at the moment.

Of course, if I don’t get a move on I won’t lose any weight at all this year, so I think I’m going to have to keep the status quo for now and return after the holidays with a vengeance.   I know, I should be out there, enjoying the outdoors with my family. I just never seem to get round to it at the moment. (Current excuse is the house move – I’m constantly on the laptop either dealing with admin or trying to find somewhere to live.  I am relieved that the kids are quite good at entertaining each other without constantly resorting to the TV.)

Anyhow, watch this space.  I shall come back in September with half a hope of being fighting fit before the end of the month.  Maybe.


Loved one was going to go to the gym for the first time in a while yesterday.

Then he didn’t.

He couldn’t find his swim shorts.

Looks like I’m not the only one who is finding reasons not to exercise.  Loved one needs to just as much as me.  He’s been secretly building up his fat reserves.  Which at least means he probably still weighs more than me (it really bugs me when he doesn’t, especially with him being over 6 foot tall and me a measly 5 foot 3 or so)

But it is strange just how many obstacles seem to get in the way.  Take next week, for example.  I was really proud of myself for getting through 80% of the BodyStep class without needing to adjust the steps – the remaining 20% I was in danger of tripping over the step, so I thought I’d better save myself, and the person next to me, by doing the steps on the floor – but next week I need to babysit for a friend. And the week after. And I missed the ‘dance & tone’ class last Weds because loved one didn’t get home till late.

I meant to dig out the Davina DVD on occasions like this, but I’m feeling stressed and tired. Last week was quite emotional for various reasons which I won’t go into here, which didn’t help, but on evenings where I’m supposed to put on my trainers and do kitchen aerobics* the evening flits by and it’s half ten or eleven o’clock before I realise I haven’t done it.

Admittedly I’m not motivated to do the DVD. It’s not Davina’s fault, I just seem to need extra motivation for any kind of exercise. External financial motivation is a good one.  It always helps if I’ve already paid for it. I try harder in a class setting too – no half-hearted leg curls like the ones at home – which means I feel much better for doing it properly.

In the past I’ve gone cycling, which I love, but the bike is currently unfit to ride, and the effort of getting it fit is yet another obstacle.

Dear oh dear, it’s all about the excuses today.  See what I mean though? It’s as if, in the grand scheme of things, I’m not meant to exercise.

Well, we can’t have that. I’m trying to brainstorm exercise possibilities on this hottest of days, and all I can think of is how wonderful it would be to swim right now.

Swimming pool closes shortly, and it wouldn’t go down well to vanish off at such short notice anyway, but, after a quick discussion with loved one, I’m all set to do the 6.30am earlybird swim, having promised faithfully to be back before loved one needs to leave for work.

Must… Keep…. Trying..


* Kitchen aerobics – if your living room is carpeted, aerobics just don’t work – your trainers and the carpet fibres will give new meaning to the word friction. Stick the DVD into your laptop, plonk it on the kitchen counter and do it there. And try not to crash into the table in the process.

I’m sorry to say it, but I am going to have to take down my Postaday 2011 banner.

I’ve been quiet this week.

Not on purpose. I still have lots to say.

But Life™ just stepped up a gear.  And I really can’t blog every single day any more.

Why is this? I hear you ask.

Well, part of it is trying to do more exercise. Once you make a commitment to exercise three times a week, and you take into account travelling to and from a class, and possibly settling a baby into the creche, or queuing outside the studio because if you don’t there won’t be a space for you, it can be rather time consuming.

I’m not complaining.  I feel one hundred times better.  (And for the Fatchecker readers among you, it’s still going in the right direction, just about: 12 st 0.6 lb yesterday).  I don’t feel an overwhelming urge to nap the moment the kids go to school. Well, not so often, anyway.  I don’t get the wall of fatigue hitting me at 4pm.  When I’m home, I’m actually getting stuff done instead of frittering away time because I’m too tired to do anything. (I can still fritter, mind you, but it’s through choice these days.)

There’s the other thing. I came off time out back at the beginning of May. And somehow, I kept the blog going in spite of returning to training and having many, many things I needed to do study-wise.  I’m not sure the quality was quite up to scratch though…you’ve all been very polite and not said anything, but I know that at times I could have done a better job.

Now, I’ve got a course coming up in the next couple of weeks.  In the long run, when I’m qualified, this shouldn’t take up too much time, but right now, while I’m trying out different ideas and activities, there’s an awful lot of planning needing doing.  Even now, as I type away, my eyes keep flicking over to the bookshelf I should be bustling around, looking at what activity to put where. I love this blog. It helps me achieve peace of mind, and balances out my thinking, and it shouldn’t be making me feel guilty… But right now, I do.  There is actually something more important I have to go and do.

So, the banner has come down.

image courtesy of

image courtesy of

I will still blog regularly – at the absolute minimum one post a week – and about the same stuff.  And maybe at some point I’ll be able to blog daily again.

But right now, it is the fallout from just a few too many things going on.  I looked up the definition of ‘fallout’, and it talked about fallout being the tiny particles of dust, ash, or indeed radioactive by-product from some kind of explosion or eruption.

Don’t worry, I haven’t exploded or erupted.  But I do sometimes think of this blog in that way.  I think about stuff a bit too much.  My head tries to explode.  Blogging vents off all the extraneous thoughts that I can’t deal with elsewhere.

Blogging is a kind of fallout.

In a good, non-toxic way, you understand.

I write in anticipation of not being around to weigh myself, so I’ll do it on Sunday instead. Watch this space!

Amazingly (that is, in spite of eating huge amounts of rubbish on our camping trip), I have been sensible enough this week to lose the tiniest amount of weight since last time.

A fortnight ago, I was 12 st 1.2 lb.  Well, get out your trumpets and blow a fanfare because this morning I weighed in at … 12 st 1.0 lb.

I’m actually quite pleased about this since I weighed myself on Monday and it was considerably higher.  But, I did make it to ‘Dance & Tone’ on Wednesday night, and I have been restrained in my eating.  Somewhere along the line my insatiable appetite is diminishing.  Why? Well, it’s possible that it’s partly due to no longer breastfeeding (we were camping, she didn’t want it, I didn’t complain), but probably more likely that I’m eating REAL food.  (I have a theory that real food sustains you both physically and emotionally in a way that junk food, or processed food does not, but that’s another blog for another time.)

xedos4 / FreeDigitalPhotos.netWhat I really wanted to say was, it’s always easy to find an excuse not to exercise.  Reading back over my Friday posts this past few months, you can find many.  Some are legitimate.  Some are a bit wimpy.

renjith krishnan / FreeDigitalPhotos.netThis week I have a nasty cold.  But it’s not terrible. I don’t feel like death warmed up – or at least, I didn’t till this morning after a night of coughing -I am capable of doing some exercise.   Loved one has been in at the right moments.  I have gone to classes.  Paid in advance so I feel financially obliged to attend.  And somewhere along the line, it’s working.

I’ve even booked the gym class and creche for Monday morning, in the hope of exercising properly at least twice a week (Pilates is great, but it’s not really a calorie burner..).   If, IF, I can just sustain the momentum of keeping twice a week exercise going, I will eventually be reasonably healthy.

It’s an awfully big if.  Life can be so complicated these days.  Not only do you have to fit in around the needs of your entire family, but you are stretched to the limit to cope with daily life.  I’m not complaining, I’m just acknowledging that it’s not easy.

I do feel, though, that if you can get that regular exercise, you feel better in yourself, you are more energetic the rest of the time, the rest of your life is considerably better as a result.

I hope I’m right.

I also hope I keep overcoming those barriers.  Let’s see, shall we?

I anticipate much difficulty in weighing myself this week due to the rather exciting – and hopefully dry – camping excursion.  We will of course be eating a cooked breakfast over the camp fire every morning, and toasting marshmallows every evening, so I’m going to forgive myself for not rushing to the scales the moment I’m back, or indeed making a beeline for the laptop to tell you all this in gory detail.  I’d rather get back on track for next week… See you then!

Hooray, it’s Friday.  From tonight there will be someone to share the housework and childcare with for three whole days!  (Actually, that usually means I flop and the house degenerates into chaos once more as loved one, honourable though his intentions are, attends to the dishwasher and changes a few nappies without realising that there is a little more to it than that.  And I will be cursing under my breath on Tuesday as I try and catch up.)

I’m getting sidetracked here.  It’s Friday.  And that means weighing day.  Last time I had lost a little weight through eating healthy portions, and I had tried the Dance & Tone classes.  I had been planning to get one extra bit of exercising in, dithering between gym and running.

In the end I didn’t manage any of those things.  My decision to get to the gym on my only free morning was scuppered by some appointment I’d forgotten about, loved one was away at the time of the Dance & Tone classes, and my attempts to get a babysitter failed miserably, and to top it all off I was feeling so stressed out by smallest one screaming a lot, I ate more than I should have.  The evidence is there in a packet of Pringles scoffed in one hour flat, two empty bottles of wine and a Pizza Hut receipt.

Having said that, somehow I still managed to lose a little weight! Last week I was 12 stone 2.4 lb.  Today I weighed in at 12 st 1.2 lb.  Yes, I’m still fatter than before my cheese habit got a hold over Easter, but it makes me realise that if I can suss the exercise thing, I have a hope of getting properly healthy.  Not only that, but I might be less inclined to put my hands over my ears every time smallest one screams and pick her up for a cuddle.  I know from past experience that exercise makes you feel more energetic.  I just need to make myself do it.

As you can see, this week I had a lot of excuses.  What I could have done was pick up my Davina DVD and bounce around the living room for half an hour or so.  The fact that I didn’t speaks volumes about my couch potato habits, as well as my levels of fatigue, but most of all it is rather a shining beacon highlighting my terrible self-discipline.

But there is hope. Remez Sassoon has an essay on her self-help-book-promoting-website that is actually very useful in itself.  It points out that if you keep challenging your will power and your self discipline and actually do those things you can’t be bothered to do, you will eventually get better at it.  It’s like practising an instrument.  You might be rubbish at it to start, but you will improve over time.

So perhaps this week, with all the excuses in the world at my fingertips, I will dig out that Davina DVD and bounce around the living room, and I will pick up my baby and cuddle her when she screams for the hundredth time that day.  If I can achieve it for a week, it might be easier by the time half term is over.