So – I’m Sacha. Those of you who know me well know that I’m a cheerful yet slightly off-the-wall kind of person who is very messy, very forgetful, and fairly clumsy to boot.

I blog for three reasons.

One, I like to talk. A lot. Probably better that I inflict it on those who want to hear it.

Two, I am trying to prove to myself that I can blog regularly – I read somewhere it’s a good bit of brain training, of a sort; thought it was worth a try.

And three, I’ve found that it’s good to reflect on the stuff that happens. Brain fluff accumulates and takes over if I don’t chew on it and put it down.

So here I am… Hope you enjoy ☺


3 Responses to "About"

Hello Sacha! Nice to meet a fellow chatterbox. Keep fighting the brain fluff, don’t let it win. x

Hey Sacha! Contact me about your 22 month old…I’m the author of the EC book Amber’s giving away, and I have another better resource for you at your kiddo’s age. Big hugs!!

Forgot to say thanks for this! (Doing a spot of blogkeeping..)
I like the look of the book you mentioned, so I’m going to buy it next month and see if I can make the most of the summer we currently don’t have but WILL arrive by the time school’s out over here! Thanks for the heads up. Now I know where to point people interested in EC too 🙂

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