The never-ending to-do list.. Success or failure?

Posted on: 30/05/2012

It’s ten o’clock at night. I have done all I can do. I am ready for bed.

I can tell, though, that you are itching to know whether I got it all done or not. At least, I presume so as you’ve read this far. If you are humouring me, you are doing an excellent job 🙂

  • Get dressed. Yes! I managed to be fully clothed before going to the doctor’s. The doctor doesn’t know how lucky he is.
  • Take oldest one to doctor. Yes!
  • Clean up at home. Especially after smallest one took a lot of time and trouble to smoosh banana into the kitchen floor. Still not enough. I did nothing since the lunchtime post. Yuck.
  • Do a long and tedious work related email. Yes, but it took forever. And I realise I have one equally long one to do tomorrow. So it stays on the list for now. Sigh.
  • Pay that garage bill. At least I know how much I should pay, and I have found the chequebook. Hmm. Done. Just now. But missed the post. Blast it.
  • Do forms for oldest one and middle one’s school trips. And pay. Nope. Will have to be tomorrow.
  • Organise my teaching stuff. Tomorrow.
  • Re-think my teaching plans to include what I learned on an amazing Natal Hypnotherapy study day I just went on. Tomorrow.
  • Work out how to get the second freezer working.
    Damn. Forgot to ask tonight. One for the weekend, as I suspect I will kill it with my dodgy dragging method of getting it from garage to kitchen. Permission to take it off the list for now? Please?
  • Try to diminish Mount Washmore. Oh dear. It’s still in the machine.
  • Rediscover the floor in our bedroom. Nope. Spent the evening finishing the work email.
  • Iron the clothes taking over the biggest wardrobe. Well, I’ve done 15 minutes worth. And I will do more when smallest one isn’t roaming around. Which is tomorrow. Damn, planned to do that tonight.
  • Contact 7 couples that I will be teaching next week. yes! Finally! Tonight!
  • Keep smallest one from misadventures. Yes! A lovely day in her company and no new bumps, bruises or nettle stings (of which I acquired three trying to de-nettle the path behind the house and save middle child’s bare legs.).
  • Try to spend time with smallest one in spite of all the above.Yes, yes, yes!

So what DID I do, then?

Well. I have to confess I managed to spend a good hour catching up on emails and such like. A waste of time? Maybe, but I needed to do it at some point. And then with school run and swimming lessons and hairwashing, there wasn’t any more time between then and dinner (homemade pizza, yum!). Then I vanished upstairs to get this work done and haven’t had any fun at all this evening.

Ah, that’s more like it. Sorrowful imaginary violin playing from my readers always cheers me up.

Will I be able to treat myself come Friday, though?

I hope so. Smallest one won’t be around so I should be able to knuckle down.

Well, unless I get sidetracked.

Someone had better turn the internet off tomorrow.

20120530-102843 PM.jpg
Thanks to Gemma’s husband Jonathan for the pic!


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