Snow, snow

Posted on: 06/02/2012

Snow, snow, falling slow
Settle upon our home
Inch by inch, such a cinch
You cover the ground like foam.

Streetlight bright, you fall tonight
Swirling in the mist
Float around, then touch the ground
The earthy grass you kiss.

Morning light, the ground is white
The children stare, amazed
– they went to sleep with not a peep
Through their windows double-glazed.

Snow! Snow! Oh, please can we go
And build a snowman now?
You’d best get dressed, but yes, you’ve guessed
We’ll all get out somehow.

Wrapped up warm, prepared for a storm,
They bravely step outside
Snowmen built and up the hill
For a super sledging ride.

Back for lunch, to heartily munch
A decent Sunday roast.
Cheeks aglow, the children crow
And of sledging tales they boast.

The fire is lit, and hot drinks sipped
As the daylight fades away
Tomorrow we’ll cope with snow on the slope
But for now we enjoy today.


2 Responses to "Snow, snow"

Sounds like a fun day!

It was lovely 🙂

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