Aylesbury Towers

Posted on: 06/01/2012

Well, that’s the hardest thing
That I’ve ever tried to do.
Was it my idea to bring
One child, or maybe two?

Let’s not forget the tot
Who kind of stole the day
…yes, smallest one, who’d got
To scream and shout, not play..

But then it helped to show
The plight that we are in
To prove home school’s no go
Like the last three months have been.

I think they got our point
(if they heard us past the screeching).
Which school they may appoint, though,
And who will do the teaching
Will now have been decided
(Though they haven’t told us yet –
We have to wait a week before
The likes of us can get
Any outcome to our pleas,
Whether good or whether bad.)

So with no guarantees
And the trying time we’ve had
We feel as if we’ve run for miles
– a marathon, or such.

Indeed, as they closed our files
I almost couldn’t clutch
Our toddler on my hip..
I felt so drained and raw
I could barely get a grip.
I felt I’d had the straw
That broke that camel’s back.

The moral of this fluff
(you should put this on a plaque)

Appeals are really tough.


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