My life right now – one big series of spreadsheets

Posted on: 06/09/2011

Comparing removal quotes tonight, I suddenly realised that this house move is finding me nose deep in spreadsheets most of the time. Considering I generally don’t use the application, this is quite a dramatic change for me.

If it’s not comparing quotes from removal companies, it’s planning rooms, checking items off lists, and so on.  Look…

See what I mean?  If nothing else, it’s made me realise I’ve not been sitting idle…

Will I still be this into spreadsheets after the move is over?

Hmm… Probably not.


4 Responses to "My life right now – one big series of spreadsheets"

Ooh dear!

well, quite. I hope it’s only temporary…

Wow! You’re organised 🙂

It’s all a clever illusion. Moving day will come, and the spreadsheets will all be only half finished. The removal men will say, ‘where does this go?’, and I’ll inspect the spreadsheet and say, ‘um….’ as I stare at a blank part. 😉

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