Procrastination and the lure of blogging

Posted on: 02/09/2011

As I sit, I should be doing one of three things.

One. Play with smallest one. Who, devoid of better things to do, is systematically going through the moving boxes I have packed, removing items she likes the look of, and subsequently eating them or destroying them.

Hmm. There’s a lesson in there somewhere.

Two. Go through all the papers that are surrounding me.  I got halfway with this a few days ago before I was sidetracked. Then smallest one found them and jumbled them all up again.

Hmm again – is this the same lesson as before, perhaps?

Three. Go and clean the kitchen. I’ve been so busy trying to make some progress with the move that I haven’t done a thing to the kitchen (save clear and wipe the table before meals) for around 48 hours now.

We are running out of plates. And cutlery. And space to put the dirty stuff. Reminds me of student days. (Let’s not go there; the memory of mouldy dishes is still nauseating.)

And we’ll not think about the things I should be doing after that.



Forcing oldest one to write a thank you letter to his grandparents…

What I should not be doing, is blogging. Yet…here I am. In that kind of a mood where words flow off the tips of my fingers and refuse to stop till the RSI I once banished returns in full flood.

Now smallest one has found a rice cake.

There should not be rice cakes around. This is quite likely a rice cake that fell to the floor yesterday or even earlier.


OK. I really had better and tidy up before someone gets ill. Later, folks.

(Anyone for a half-eaten dirty rice cake?)


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