Posted on: 26/08/2011

Green, like many colours, can provoke strong reactions.

I walked into a friend’s kitchen for the first time today, and it was very, very green.

Not institutional green, the colour of school corridors, usually associated with a certain smell of disinfectant impossible to buy in the shops.

Not pine green, the colour of classic crew-neck sweaters, usually worn by conservative (small c) men of a certain age but generally tending to suit most people better than the colours they might normally wear.

Nor khaki, seen once in great abundance on a Laurence Llewelyn Bowen designed colonial style bedroom from the unforgettable Changing Rooms series.

No, this room – and I wish now that I’d taken a photo, was grass green.

No kidding.

Vibrant, deep, fresh, strong, and oh so green.

And do you know what?  It really worked.

Here’s a picture of another kitchen it also really worked in.

Utterly, utterly fabulous.

I just wish I’d thought of it before I saw it in my friend’s kitchen so that I could claim it for my own.

(Though I’d never be able to look my mum in the eye again.)


2 Responses to "Green"

I guess it’s a matter of personal taste 🙂

Indeed! Do you have a favourite kitchen colour?

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