Sodastream calculations. As if I didn’t have other things I should be doing…

Posted on: 08/08/2011

Here’s a little something that has been bothering me since Sodastream started advertising heavily on the TV… Is it really worth it?

I’ve worked it out, on a cola theory, fiddling with a spreadsheet whilst watching the telly.

Currently regular coke is sold at 20 for £6.50 where I buy it i.e. £0.33 per 330 ml can.

Running costs of a soda stream are twofold: –

  • Syrup, which is £3.29 for 12 litres worth of drink, i.e. 0.28 per litre or  £0.09 per can equivalent, and
  • Gas refills, which are £9.99 for 60 litres worth of drink, i.e. £0.17 per litre or £0.06 per can equivalent.

So, after overheads, running costs amount to £0.15 per can equivalent, saving £0.18 or 55% on the cost of a can of Coca Cola.

However, there are overheads to consider: The cheapest drinks maker, including cylinder and two bottles, is £55.99.

This means that we would need to use it 311 times before we broke even, assuming we didn’t want a fancy silver one and multiple bottles (keep the unused ones filled with water in the fridge by the way, so that you can drink it cold immediately after adding the magic)

We currently get through approximately 10 cans per week. Therefore for us, a sodastream would take 31 weeks, or 7 months, to break even.

Would it be worth it for your family?  And would you buy one anyway, knowing how bad fizzy drinks are for your teeth…?

I’ve thought about all of this and I still want one.  We used to have an original one back in the eighties. The cola flavour was great, surprisingly, and I’m quite picky about this. You could make a drink stupidly fizzy, and watch it fizz all over the poor unsuspecting family member who thought you had kindly made them a drink just because you were being nice.  You get to listen to – and feel – the sound of the carbon dioxide being forced into the glass bottle as you press the button.  So satisfying.  And, if they make them like they used to, they last for decades, bottles and all.

But we don’t have the counter space.


*adds ‘Sodastream’ to wishlist for next house’s kitchen*

I really must get a life…


3 Responses to "Sodastream calculations. As if I didn’t have other things I should be doing…"

We had one in the Eighties. I never liked the tatse.

We’ve had a few. I drank them quite a bit but I found that they go off pretty quickly. The syrup sinks to the bottom and the fuzz wears off. Also, the flavours are often the cheap versions. You don’t get coca cola, or even it’s lesser cousin pepsi, but more like tesco cola. The syrups can be difficult to find with good variety too. They are fun, but are basically a novelty rather than value thing in my opinion.

Hi Matt. I know what you mean – you definitely have to drink them immediately after fizzing them. I quite like the tesco version colas – it’s only Panda Pops that I detest! The variety has improved…you can get Dandelion and Burdock these days, as well as Green Tea!

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