NEWSFLASH – Smallest One Takes First Steps – Read all about it

Posted on: 27/06/2011

Yes, indeed.  Turns out smallest one, on the verge of walking for about a month, had simply been waiting for an audience to show off to.

image courtesy of NCT

We went to our local NCT Cheeky Monkeys Tea Party (they’re rather a nice way to spend a summer afternoon), and while we were there, milling about amongst the crowds of people walking, running, and crawling around, she thought this would be the perfect time to take nine whole steps to Daddy.

Loved one was very chuffed. Finally, smallest one does something significant, just for him.

I was chatting to someone at the time, when loved one called to me about three steps in.

I got very excited.

Funny, isn’t it? You’d think that after three children, you’d stop being excited when these little events occur. After all, you’ve seen it before, you know it’s no big deal.

But no. I squeaked with delight and was utterly thrilled. I was so proud.

So was smallest one. She did it again for the NCT camera.

Like I said, she likes an audience.


2 Responses to "NEWSFLASH – Smallest One Takes First Steps – Read all about it"

I saw her do it. She’s coming along well. James started rolling over and grabbing and studying things this week. They never seem to stop fascinating us. Emilia is always picking up new words and skills. Each one I notice is a little joy.

It never gets old!

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