Ego blog: Fallout

Posted on: 25/06/2011

I’m sorry to say it, but I am going to have to take down my Postaday 2011 banner.

I’ve been quiet this week.

Not on purpose. I still have lots to say.

But Life™ just stepped up a gear.  And I really can’t blog every single day any more.

Why is this? I hear you ask.

Well, part of it is trying to do more exercise. Once you make a commitment to exercise three times a week, and you take into account travelling to and from a class, and possibly settling a baby into the creche, or queuing outside the studio because if you don’t there won’t be a space for you, it can be rather time consuming.

I’m not complaining.  I feel one hundred times better.  (And for the Fatchecker readers among you, it’s still going in the right direction, just about: 12 st 0.6 lb yesterday).  I don’t feel an overwhelming urge to nap the moment the kids go to school. Well, not so often, anyway.  I don’t get the wall of fatigue hitting me at 4pm.  When I’m home, I’m actually getting stuff done instead of frittering away time because I’m too tired to do anything. (I can still fritter, mind you, but it’s through choice these days.)

There’s the other thing. I came off time out back at the beginning of May. And somehow, I kept the blog going in spite of returning to training and having many, many things I needed to do study-wise.  I’m not sure the quality was quite up to scratch though…you’ve all been very polite and not said anything, but I know that at times I could have done a better job.

Now, I’ve got a course coming up in the next couple of weeks.  In the long run, when I’m qualified, this shouldn’t take up too much time, but right now, while I’m trying out different ideas and activities, there’s an awful lot of planning needing doing.  Even now, as I type away, my eyes keep flicking over to the bookshelf I should be bustling around, looking at what activity to put where. I love this blog. It helps me achieve peace of mind, and balances out my thinking, and it shouldn’t be making me feel guilty… But right now, I do.  There is actually something more important I have to go and do.

So, the banner has come down.

image courtesy of

image courtesy of

I will still blog regularly – at the absolute minimum one post a week – and about the same stuff.  And maybe at some point I’ll be able to blog daily again.

But right now, it is the fallout from just a few too many things going on.  I looked up the definition of ‘fallout’, and it talked about fallout being the tiny particles of dust, ash, or indeed radioactive by-product from some kind of explosion or eruption.

Don’t worry, I haven’t exploded or erupted.  But I do sometimes think of this blog in that way.  I think about stuff a bit too much.  My head tries to explode.  Blogging vents off all the extraneous thoughts that I can’t deal with elsewhere.

Blogging is a kind of fallout.

In a good, non-toxic way, you understand.


5 Responses to "Ego blog: Fallout"

It’s not necessarily a bad thing. You have a beautifully natural blogging style and I think if you forced yourself to blog when you didn’t want to be it might get in the way of that.

Congratulations on finding time to exercise – and very pleased to hear it’s making you feel so good. That seems like a much more exciting payoff than numbers on scales to me!

Ahh, what nice things you say, Dom 🙂

You’re a busy mum to three kids (at least one of whom is still in the adorable yet still slug-like stage), doing training, studying, exercising and in general, keeping life chugging along nicely and yet you’re apologizing for not being able to post every day! Perspective! I will look forward to your dribbles whenever they shall come. 😉

Better to do something you like when you can, than force it out from a sense of obligation. You made the right decision.

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