Saturday music: No regrets

Posted on: 18/06/2011

Remember my last post? Anticipating a no-show on my first singalong day?

Well it turned out just fine in the end.  Totally not what I expected – it was supposed to be all about grown-ups doing grown-up music and playing grown-up instruments and singing grown-up songs.

What did we do instead? Kids songs.

Well, there were more children there than there were adults.  And they didn’t want to join in if they couldn’t have some kiddie songs they liked.  And we would have had virtually nobody if they hadn’t joined in.  So kids songs it was.

Thankfully, I have some excellent Sandra Boynton music that everyone enjoyed.  Top of the hit list was ‘I want to be your personal penguin’, and everyone strummed and sang and bashed and rattled.  Great stuff.

Next time, however, I am hoping for more grown-up stuff. The kids are keen to play board games in the next room, and they can do that if they aren’t pretty much the only ones there.  They are particularly keen to play with other kids that turn up.  And I am particularly keen that they give us grown-ups some space to enjoy ourselves.  On our terms.

So, though I have no regrets, next time I am looking forward to singing some grown-up songs. With grown-ups.

Can’t wait.


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