Thursday ego blog: time to be an adult again

Posted on: 09/06/2011

Manchester UniversityIn a week or so, I’m going up to Manchester. Without children.

It’s for a good reason: there’s a study day I need to attend, and a national mini-conference for NCT workers that I’m supposed to attend once every two years, I believe. But I can’t help of thinking of it as two days off.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love being a mum. I love my children to bits.  When I’m not stressed out, I love the mundane little tasks that make up my daily life.  I do, however, miss being an adult in my own right.  (Somehow conversations with loved one don’t seem to stimulate in quite the same way.  Probably because we’re both dog tired by the time we have an opportunity.)

image is a postcard for sale at - look out for their beautiful stationeryI get to have conversations with real grown-ups about grown-up stuff.  I get to learn stuff.  I get to find out what my charity’s been up to in the last year while I’m at it.  I even get to vote in the trustees and approve the annual accounts at the AGM.  I’ll be exhausted by the time I get home.   But I shall enjoy my time away immensely, simply for the sake of being myself for once, and not ‘just’ a mum.


1 Response to "Thursday ego blog: time to be an adult again"

Being a mum is what makes me happiest but a day away from it is a real treat. Enjoy!

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