Relocation procrastination: Online marketing

Posted on: 08/06/2011

I was just reading this blog from Transforming Decor that tells us that 90 per cent of home buyers look online to find the home they want.  This is a US statistic, but I bet the UK are not far behind.

Image from reckon, much as we love to look at the papers to see what houses are going for in our area, or to have a ‘wishful thinking’ moment, most of us who are serious about buying go to one of the major websites, such as Rightmove, Zoopla or Primelocation.  As it happens, Rightmove have been the best ones for us, though I gather that Zoopla is good for finding homes being sold privately or by auction, and Primelocation is great for London buyers.  Newspaper marketing is more to give agents visibility for people who might put their house on the market.

Image from

What does this mean for us? Well, when we chose our agent we made sure they felt the same way as we did about this; indeed, we were online before we were in print.

Image from www.primelocation.comHowever, you can never be sure.  Your buyer might just be an empty nester who doesn’t believe in computers, for instance.  So we’ve been regularly in the papers too.

Image from

But I have to say, I wish there was a house-selling equivalent of online dating.  You get matched up to your ideal buyer, you see if you get on, and if not, you get matched up to the next one.  The current system is similar, but wouldn’t it be great to have such a service?

Especially if they give you your money back if they don’t get you a buyer within 3 months…


2 Responses to "Relocation procrastination: Online marketing"

Thanks for mentioning our blog post! I love your idea for an onine dating equivalent to house buying, that would make things so much easier!

Thanks – your post was fab too 🙂

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