Tuesday tribe talk: the magic of camping

Posted on: 07/06/2011

Funny.  At home, the kids are only interested in helping out for reward, be it pocket money or a more sugary treat.

Camping, on the other hand, seems to bring out the best in them.  They fall over themselves to help with the washing up, they fetch and carry, they entertain the baby without being asked twice.  They go to sleep when they’re told (admittedly very late) and they sleep to a sensible hour in spite of the early sunrise and lack of blackout curtain liners.  They keep out of the way without fuss when we are trying to pack a monstrous tent into a tiny bag.

I, of course, am utterly exhausted, which is why this is so short and I didn’t blog yesterday.

But we must camp again.  I can’t wait for the campfire to transform the kids into happy, helpful human beings.  My eyelids are drooping, but my soul is singing.


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