Tuesday tribe talk: Half term hoo-ha

Posted on: 31/05/2011

Half term.  A double-edged sword.  On the one side, the kids can stay up late, there’s no hurry to go anywhere or do anything.  On the other, the kids are tired and grouchy from staying up late, they’re underfoot and bored.

image courtesy of stoke museumsOften I plan lots of things at half term.  If I do that, I tend to come out the other side wondering what happened to it.  Occasionally I plan nothing.  Then the kids drive me up the wall.

It’s tricky finding a balance.  Doing enough that you feel like you’ve achieved something, but not doing so much you don’t get a break.  I feel I should emphasise that half term is not just for the children, I need the break at least as much as they do, if not more.  Not only that, but spending time with the children that stocks up the cupboard full of tender memories you hope one day to go through and reminisce fondly.

As with all topics to do with parenting, it’s very much a case of getting out of it what you put into it.  Without collapsing with exhaustion and turning all those treasured days into a manic blur of business.

Then there’s the financial question.  Money = Time.  If we want to go on that fabulous Disney holiday, for example, I would have to put the studies on hold and go and find a part-time job to pay for it.  Less time.  More money.  If we want to go on lots of exciting excursions, it mounts up.

There are of course plenty of activities you can do that don’t cost a penny.  New playgrounds we haven’t yet visited, walks, bike rides, baking, obstacle courses in the garden, treasure hunts, museum visits (the free ones), so it’s not like we’re short of options…it’s just planning it all takes time and effort.

image courtesy of squidoo.comFunny how all my posts end up with me coming to the same conclusion.  I need to be more high-energy to be more effective and to get the most out of a half-term break.  Improving my energy levels will have a domino effect on so many things, in a good way.  In the meantime, I’m not.  So we’re doing one big day trip, and one slightly bigger camping trip.  I think that’s about the right level at the moment.

Work/study/family/health/life balance.  Nobody said it was easy, but I’m going to keep working on it.  Every time I get it wrong, I can chalk it up to experience and do a better job next time.  Especially if I can find more energy…


5 Responses to "Tuesday tribe talk: Half term hoo-ha"

Interesting post Sacha. I sort of agree about the planning angle, I’m certainly overall more energised and optimistic when I feel I’m a bit in control of my own destiny. But then there are the days, that no matter what, there just isn’t any energy, seemingly regardless of what came before or is coming next. Having struggled through the last two days, I’ve woken up this morning full of bounce and optimism – hurrah. So, good luck with your planning and energy levels, you surely get extra points for your thoughful approach!

How true. Maybe the trick is to have a plan and save it for the day you feel most energetic!

OMG–I’m the same way about planning. I think I’m happiest if I have one ‘sort of’ plan, like to try and go to picnic in the park or go to one museum. My brother said that he likes to get out of the house with the kids on one small jaunt, and then it makes coming back home and lying on the couch watching a movie even more fun! 🙂

Mmm – that sounds really appealing right now!

It’s a vicious cycle! You need energy to increase energy but you have no energy to begin with. I agree we just have to keep trying!

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