Relocation complications

Posted on: 25/05/2011

Remember last week we were excited because we had actually had an offer that we felt was almost worth accepting?  The couple originally came to us with an offer nearly ten percent under the asking price, on the basis that they wanted to do the kitchen.

We didn’t want to pay for their kitchen – if it had been a fabulous kitchen already we would have asked more money for the house in the first place.  We said no.  They then came back with an offer less than five percent under the asking price, which would have been a struggle but possibly manageable.  They went away on holiday, leaving us to deliberate.

They came back yesterday and dropped their offer back down to the original price.  We said no. Again.

So we are buyer-free once more.  Loved one used the well-used cliché, ‘We’re back to square one again’.  I didn’t like how that sounded, however true it may be, so I likened the situation to a game of snakes and ladders. Every time we get a viewing, we’re going up a very short ladder.  Every time we get an offer, we’re going up a big ladder,  Every time someone doesn’t like the house much after a viewing, we slide down a small snake. Every time we get dumped in sewage by people trying to mess with our heads, we slide down a large snake.

I’m not a big fan of snakes right now.  Our offer on the other property had been accepted; they even went to offer on the house they liked, but even they couldn’t compromise enough to make it work, and nor should they.

I have been philosophical about this so far.  But now I’m writing it down I do feel a certain level of anger about how insultingly these people behaved.  Am I being over-sensitive? Are house buyers always like this? I would like to think not, though I can’t be too sure.  We know our own house is on at a reasonable price.

We also know it’s a buyers market.  But that doesn’t mean the buyer can insult us and get away with it.  Bring on a better class of buyer, that’s what I say.  And we’ll keep rolling the dice until one comes along.


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