Moving house: some good news at last

Posted on: 18/05/2011

Would you believe it?  We’ve actually had an offer on our house.

It’s almost a reasonable one, and we’re hoping they can stretch the extra couple of grand we need when they get back from their trip, which would mean we can actually get on with our lives.  You know, put down roots properly at last.

Of course, the flip side of the coin (and let’s not forget it’s a long and uncertain journey to completing the move) is that I will have to start tugging up roots where I live now.

dan /

Hold on a second.  That sounds like I will start to withdraw from my current life, so that by the time we leave I’ll not be in touch with anyone.  That couldn’t be further from the case.    I’ve blogged before about living life to the full.  And that includes living here.  Until the hour we leave, I am going to enjoy it for what it is.  And those roots are going to stay here.

They’re just going to have to stretch a little.


2 Responses to "Moving house: some good news at last"

Well, it’s a start, isn’t it?
Besides, I think these things sometimes start slowly, but build momentum as they go.
Here’s hoping!

I hope you get the offer you want. I am moving in about 4 weeks to a house that needs totally gutting. We could share decorating tips!

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