Smallest one: Progress report

Posted on: 17/05/2011

Smallest one is 12 months old, and received a baby walker (you know, like a small-sized, brightly coloured, wheeled zimmerframe) from her aunt and uncle for her birthday.  It’s taken her two weeks, but she’s sussed it.  So she now not only cruises the furniture but totters along wherever she wants to go with her wheels.  She cruised past me this morning with a big proud grin on her face.  Look at me, mummy!  I’m WALKING!

We have also had our first major word.  (Well, with the exception of ‘mumumumum’ and ‘dudududududu’, of course).  It is, ‘uddle’.  As in ‘cuddle’ but without being able to pronounce the C.

I am cuted out.

Another development is the desire to use a spoon when eating.  Usually I plonk food in front of her and let her use fists, fingers, face, to hoover it up, but sometimes I spoon-feed her.  She has decided that she likes to be in control.  So she grabbed the spoon and bowl off me, had several attempts to spoon it up.  Unsuccessfully, since the food concerned was more inclined to stick to the bowl than the spoon.  But she gamely kept a hold of the bowl with one hand and, after realising it wasn’t going to work on this occasion, dumped the spoon and used the hands.  However, the bowl stayed on the table – I was sure it would end up on the floor, and I was wrong!

smallest one eating

On this occasion, however, I didn't feel brave enough to proffer a bowl..

I just love little nuggets of progress.  Especially when they realise the achievement they have made and look so proud of themselves.  So small yet so adorable.  I am blessed ☺


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