Friday Fatchecker: Overcoming Lethargy

Posted on: 13/05/2011

It’s been a while since I’ve had the Friday Fatchecker out, but for the last fortnight I’ve been keeping a food diary and trying to eat more healthily.

I think it’s working, but I haven’t had the scales handy (long story, involving sunday school and middle child’s wet pants) to check both how much cheese weight I put on whilst in France, and how much since then I might have lost.  They’re back at home now, so hopefully I’ll grab a moment soon to do that.

Eating more healthily has been working well.  I saw a video about nutrition and they showed this plate.

Image courtesy of

That’s one quarter meat, one quarter starch and one half veg.   The same vid also talked about never going more than 4 hours without food, and so if there’s no meal coming along in that amount of time, I’ve also been using Graze for nibbles that actually sustain me. (If you want a free box, let me know and I’ll get you a code).  After adjusting my shopping trolley to accommodate the extra veg and a decent breakfast (2 rashers bacon, loads of tomatoes and a slice of toast), it’s been working well.  I haven’t overindulged in chocolate or any other junk food, and I haven’t missed it.

However, I’ve not had much decent exercise since before the Easter holidays.  It’s always tricky in the school holidays, especially if you’re staying with friends or relatives.  Since then I’ve been knuckling down with studies, so it’s taken a back seat.

Anyway, back to the lethargy thing. What I said last time about having something paid for to have to go to, hasn’t progressed.  My plan to do some Zumba has not materialised, namely because I’ve had no reply to my email and I’ve forgotten about it.

graur codrin /

Time I chased it up, really.  I don’t know why I’m averse to just ringing people, but somehow when I’m feeling lethargic, typing is about the only thing I still feel happy doing.  Talking to people means I have to switch on properly, which requires energy.  And of course, it’s a vicious circle; the less exercise I do, the less energy I have.

Hmm. Clearly I need to deal with this.

So, there being no time like the present, and the Zumba website being down, I’ve found a different dance fitness class and have just fired off a registration request.  Hopefully this one will work out, and in the meantime, at least I’ve managed to get the food sussed for the time being.  I’ll keep you posted…


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