Daily Home Blessing Hour

Posted on: 11/05/2011

spring cleaning

We had two viewings today. And the house was amazingly untidy this morning. As I was beautifying it, with smallest one most unimpressed at the speed with which I scurried from room to room tidying, dusting, hoovering (she only approves if I stay in the same room as her), I was reminded of the fact that nowadays I tend to delete my Flylady emails without reading them.

This doesn’t mean that I think Flylady is rubbish. Quite the opposite. I totally get it, agree with it and endorse it for anyone who, like me, is not a naturally tidy person. What it means is that I have digested Flylady’s wisdom and taken it on board, and don’t need the emails any more. I still don’t shine my sink very often. I don’t have a particularly effective morning routine. I haven’t mastered the weekly home blessing hour. But I am considerably less disorganized than I was. And better than that, I can clean happily now without resenting the fact that I have to. And I am continuing to try and improve my household effectiveness.

The weekly home blessing hour is a fabulous idea. You spend an hour (you can break it into ten minute chunks if you want) and you get all the necessary cleaning done, from changing the sheets to cleaning the mirrors. Don’t get me wrong, it won’t be perfect, but you’ll have clean floors, clean sheets, empty bins, and a dust-free home. It’s all down to her unashamed use of the timer. (Incidentally, the timer is great for the kids too).

What with smallest one being more than a little messy at the table, and me being up to my ears in studies right now, we’ve had help with the cleaning while the house is up for sale. But today we had another viewing on the house, so it was up to me to get it beautiful this time.

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It took two hours rather than one, mainly due to needing to give the kitchen a thorough clean and having been too lazy to put a large quantity of laundry away last night. But still, with my audio book playing to me (and smallest one crawling after me, screaming fit to burst every time I left a room, which was immensely cute), it was enjoyable all the same.

We have another viewing tomorrow. Somehow tonight’s dinner mostly stayed off the floor, so I can probably deal with all the mess in less than half an hour. And I’m sort of looking forward to it.

With this little flurry of viewings, I’m thinking of it as my daily home blessing hour.


2 Responses to "Daily Home Blessing Hour"

Good going Sacha – and I hope you’re rewarded with a house sale very soon too. I’m still giggling about my sister removing dried-on weetabix from their dining table with an electric sander.. Would Flylady approve do you think?

Ha! Great idea! I reckon Flylady would applaud the resourcefulness. Where Weetabix is concerned I tend to use the kitchen equivalent of a chisel, a ‘handy scraper’, which does the job with slightly less risk of injury… 🙂

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