Busy Busy Busy

Posted on: 06/05/2011

Currently we have been experiencing large doses of kiddie music. Mainly because there’s a particular CD in the car, and what with driving to France and back we’ve played it quite a lot.

To some people, listening to a kiddie CD is tantamount to hell on earth.  But fret not.  Many Americans have already cottoned on to the Ford/Boynton phenomenon that means that the music is entertaining for adults too.  Not only that, but the songs are so original!

We have been listening to the Philadelphia Chickens collection.  The title song is sung by the Bacon Brothers (yes, that Bacon), and is superb.  I mean, who would think of writing a song about dancing chickens?  And make it both cool and funny?  If I could find it, I’d give you a clip…but alas, the song has not yet been discovered by a sufficiently enthusiastic you-tuber.

The song that’s sticking in our heads today, though, is one that Kevin Kline sings fabulously, and the other night I found a video to go with it.  It’s terrible quality but if you can get past that I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.  The children have a tendency to act out the song every time it’s played, giggling uncontrollably by the end…

Unsurprisingly there are many, many more fabulous songs from the Ford/Boynton collection, which I will be delighted to entertain you with another time.   Enjoy!


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