Wow, children are expensive

Posted on: 02/05/2011

We were on our way back from church this morning when middle child decided she’d like to have a go at Football Club at school.  ‘Wonderful!’ I exclaimed, relieved that at least one child was even vaguely interested in something sporty.

‘Thanks, Mummy.  I need shin pads and trainers.’

Oh. Bare legs and plimsolls are no longer sufficient.  We about turn, since we’re all in the car anyway, and head off to the sports shop on the other end of town.  Just as well she didn’t need proper football boots; I’d have had a hard time swallowing that.

En route I remember that oldest one’s tracksuit now fits middle child perfectly, but makes oldest one look like a dingle dangle scarecrow (without a flippy floppy hat). So I make an note to hunt down an appropriately-sized tracksuit for him while I’m at it.

Oldest child pipes up as we’re parking. ‘Mummy, please can I have some PE shorts that look like BOY’S shorts? I don’t like the ones I have.’

I admit, I only got those cycle shorts because they were nice and cheap.  But I don’t blame him.  So, shorts are added to the list.

We do the sports shop thing and I come out sixty-two pounds poorer (yes, I chose the cheapest option right the way through, and that’s still the price I had to pay).  Then I come home, sort out their winter clothes from their summer clothes, chuck out (or give away) the ones that are torn, stained or more likely don’t fit any more and suddenly we have not enough clothes to last a weekend, or indeed a week at school.

Tina Phillips /

I see May is going to be an expensive month, then.  And I haven’t even had their shoe size checked yet.

I think I might eke that out till June, or else my bank card may start to give me disapproving looks and make tutting noises…


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