Party planning

Posted on: 25/04/2011

Rawich /

In a few days’ time we’ll be having a big birthday celebration.  And when I say big birthday, let’s just say it’s got a zero at the end of it.  We’ve been planning a mini-banquet – we are in France after all – and the children have been hard at work making decorations.

My mum is currently laid up with the cold smallest one and I gave her.  If I thought smallest one had it bad, Mum takes the biscuit.  It’s so bad she can’t lie down without coughing.

I have turned into the matron from hell.  You know, the sort that won’t let you lift a finger even to blow your nose.

Why? I hear you ask.

Well, the reasons are twofold.  Firstly there’s the guilt factor.  I did, after all, give her the dreaded virus.

But mainly it’s the big do we’re having on Sunday.  If she’s not healthy all that planning I did will come to nothing.  And we can’t have that.

(Also, we were here one Christmas when eldest one was tiny, she tried to do too much with a cold, and ended up with pneumonia.  You too would be cracking the whip to ensure she stays in bed if you had that lingering in your memory, wouldn’t you?)


2 Responses to "Party planning"

Fingers crossed she’ll feel better. It’s my birthday in Wednesday not sure that anything exciting is happening.

Thanks Nicole! And happy birthday for Wednesday 🙂

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