The curse of the iPlayer

Posted on: 22/04/2011

BBC iPlayer is accessible on my TV at home.  It’s a little sporadic because the media provider we subscribe to is rather unreliable, but more often than not, we can choose what we want to watch, and when we want to watch it, without having to resort to digging out a DVD.

Suat Eman /

Now we’re here, we have all the channels we have at home, but out of the country, we have no iPlayer.  Which means that when you sit down after ten o’clock to watch something, you can’t just pause it when you’re ready for bed and watch the remainder of your murder mystery the next day.

No, you have to stay up late and watch it through to the end if you don’t want to be writhing in bed wondering who the murderer was.

As with all technology, we are so sure we can do without it, but we really don’t want to.

Especially when we’ve been stuck into a really good whodunit.


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