The tab tardis

Posted on: 21/04/2011

As I type I have numerous tabs open on my browser. Seriously. Counting them now I have nineteen tabs currently open.

my tabs

count 'em - nineteen.

Sometimes, particularly when I’m studying, this can happen.  I define a search parameter on Google Scholar, and reams of potentially useful articles are listed on my screen.  I feel compelled to open them before I accidentally navigate away from the search, and then, until I have the time and wherewithal to actually read said articles, they stay on my browser.

So far these articles have been sitting there for about twelve hours.  I can’t bear to shut down my computer without reading them, so I’ll put the laptop into hibernation and have them staring at me in the morning.

And now I’m trying to remember what I did before they put tabs into browsers, because I’m fairly sure I wouldn’t have coped well.

Oh yes, they made you open everything in a new window and jammed up your computer’s woefully inadequate memory.

I’m not particularly looking forward to ploughing through seventeen articles in the morning, but I am glad that I have a computer that can handle them.


2 Responses to "The tab tardis"

Heh, I currently have 34 browser tabs open; some of which have been so for months, waiting for something to be done with their contents. My browser has become a massively clogged in-tray, just like my email is…

That requires a medal surely? Somehow my email is less cluttered, though someone not a million miles away would probably give you a run for your money… ☺

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