Stocking up the memory bank

Posted on: 20/04/2011

Today, for the third time since we got here, we went to the beach.

chrisroll / FreeDigitalPhotos.netSmallest one got her first taste of sand. Quite literally.  She also got a foot caught by a freak wave, which was a little upsetting for all of three seconds, but then found some shells and a wet foot didn’t seem to matter.

I gather in the UK it’s summer already.  Here, on the other hand, it’s a little cloudy, and in spite of a hot sun when it appears, temperatures tend not to go above 20 degrees Celsius (I believe that’s just under 70 in Fahrenheit). Nevertheless, it feels lovely here.  The sea was warm, would you believe (I found out by accident when a wave crept up and washed over my ankles when I still had my shoes on).

Middle and eldest ones immediately got stuck into sandcastle building.  Sandals flung aside, spades digging furiously, the noisy sea battering our eardrums.

A perfect day, near enough.

Every so often, since my wedding day, I’ve taken the opportunity to stop and absorb moments like these.  Without them, my poor little brain has no hope of recalling such perfect moments in time.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a firm believer of living in the present.  I’m lucky; with three kids I get special moments all the time. On the downside, I’m often so busy looking after them that I don’t take the time to let the wondrousness sink in.

Now that I’m a bit more relaxed out here, though, I’m getting more and more opportunities to soak it all up.  Middle child is being especially adorable at the moment.  Smallest one just learned how to say ‘raahh’ with a tiger swipe. Eldest child seems to have captured the essence of being sardonic to a tee.

Just wonderful.


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