The internet vultures

Posted on: 18/04/2011

I’ve had a relatively productive day today.  I’ve made corrections on one of the two pieces of work I need to finish while I’m out here.  When I get home it should only require the odd tweak here and there till it’s fit to hand in.

The word ‘relatively’, though, because yesterday I finally managed to persuade the computer to connect to the wireless router.

prozac1 /

As such, I have fallen prey to the vultures of the internet.  Facebook circled round, saw me at a mental block with my work and swooped  in.  Miniclip was a partner in crime; for the best part of two hours it had me playing a particularly unimpressive game.  Even Twitter gathered round to peck at the remnants.

Somehow, when I have work to do, I always spend more time faffing about on the net than I do on the work. This is why I try to go to the library to study when I get the chance.  No connection there.  But there was a sleeping baby to consider on this occasion, so I was connected, and as ever, I became a victim of the vultures.

One day they’ll make a magic potion I can take before I sit down to work, which keeps me out of sight of those hunchbacked birds.

But, knowing me, I probably wouldn’t take it even if they did.  I seem to be a willing victim.


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