The viral effect

Posted on: 17/04/2011

I write as smallest one snuffles, coughs and sneezes in her Gran’s arms.  She’s got quite a virus.

I’ve got it too, but being many times larger than her I can cope.  Smallest one, on the other hand, has so much snot it’s coming out of her eyes, and feels like she’s on fire.  Unsurprisingly I am now extremely au fait with the French equivalent of Calpol (Doliprane, if you were wondering).

But what I’m really referring to in the title is of course the term people use when people forward your email, video, link, to people they know.  Those people, if they think it’s worth it, send it to their friends, and so on. It snowballs.

Why, then, am I talking about it today? A singer I know shared a video of Eric Whitacre talking about his ‘virtual choir’ in the last day or so.  It was so fascinating I had to go and find the original piece of 185 voices that he was referring to, and share it with you.

And then I felt compelled to look up the completed video of the 2000-strong choir of voices from all over the world.

Amazing stuff.

So there you have it. Two things viral have touched me today.  One not so good, but the other – sublime.


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