Parental encounters of the worst kind

Posted on: 14/04/2011

You may recall me being mildly concerned about travelling with my Mum for three days.  That turned out OK as it happens.  Well, from my perspective, anyway.  It could well be that I did all sorts of things that she was biting her tongue about for the best part of seventy-two hours.

I’ve been here all of thirty hours now, and I remember now what I had forgotten before.

My parents, well-intentioned though they are, bicker incessantly.

They are lovely to everyone else. They are understanding to everyone else.  They are polite to each other in front of the children, but the moment the children go to bed, it’s as if they can’t be bothered to be nice to each other any more.

I now recall this was a major reason for wanting to go to boarding school.  Such negativity is very draining.  I am expecting to spend some time here while loved one is at home (shame, as they always behave much better when he’s around), so I am not sure how to handle it.

My initial instinct is to try and get them to understand one another. But, after forty-six years of such a behaviour pattern I don’t suppose they will change. So now do I tell them to zip it every time the bickering starts, or just ignore it and pretend I haven’t noticed?

There are other issues, which I wouldn’t want to go into on a public blog (that my Mum occasionally reads), but I do still feel that there is no need to bicker.   I’m not sure about this one.   Does every old married couple bicker like this?  I don’t see it elsewhere (not that I necessarily would).  Will I bicker with loved one just as badly one day?  I really hope not.

While I’m typing, the bickering has started again. Maybe I should just go to bed for now.


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