Royal weddings…so what’s changed since last time?

Posted on: 12/04/2011

I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of apathy flowing with regard to the royal wedding in this country at the moment.  Being a bit of a royalist at heart this saddens me somewhat, though I can understand the anti-wedding point of view.

Being of a certain age, I remember the last two royal weddings with fondness. Particularly that of Charles and Diana.  Oblivious to the fact that their future would be so tragic it would fill the newspapers for the best part of a year, my seven-year-old self gleefully played with friends and relatives at my aunt and uncle’s wedding party. Union Jack bunting, plastic hats and face paints adorned the place.  We had a whale of a time.

Salvatore Vuono /

Admittedly at seven years old, I was more interested in playing with my cousins’ toys than I was in the wedding itself, but the fact remains that it was a memorable occasion.  Everyone wanted the best for Charles and Diana.

In thirty years you would think the country’s attitude wouldn’t change so much. What, then, has made us change our minds?  Unlike last time, this marriage has a reasonable chance of survival – after all the couple were actually in love to start with – surely this has got to be a good thing in a family cluttered with divorce?

OK, the country is suffering from post-recession depression right now. But, to me, that’s a perfect time for a little celebration.  Why not cheer ourselves up by joining in?

But perhaps the tide is turning.  More and more people seem keen to lose the monarchy altogether.  I can see how that might dim the enthusiasm for the forthcoming nuptials.  It just seems a shame is all.

All the same, I am most definitely looking forward to it.  Even if loved one has stolen the four-day-weekend to go and play with his friends, I and the kids will have the TV on full blast, and we will have the Union Jack bunting and face paints.

Can’t wait.


3 Responses to "Royal weddings…so what’s changed since last time?"

I certainly wish them all sorts of well, and hope they have a lovely day and are very happy together.

But I don’t plan to celebrate or get excited about their wedding myself, any more than I would about two other people whom I don’t know and whose lives have nothing to do with mine. Trying to attach personal meaning to the doings of celebrities is not a very psychologically or socially healthy thing imo…

I see your point. I certainly don’t get excited about other celebrity weddings. I do feel differently about this one, though. I feel it’s part of a national celebration of how our country’s history has come to this point and by joining in the celebrations we can be part of that moment in history. I understand that such feelings about this are becoming rarer, but I still want to enjoy the day, and for me at least, it will feel very special… 🙂

Mm, I’m not completely blind to that level of meaning — I will be celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee next year (hopefully!), because I feel she’s done a great job of filling a hard role and has benefited the country — but I suppose her grandchild’s wedding is a bit too far removed from the level of significance, for me.
Glad that you will have a good excuse to enjoy yourself though! 🙂

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