Bon voyage?

Posted on: 10/04/2011

By the time you read this, I’ll be in France.

I’m slightly dreading the drive.  I get hip issues after a couple of hours’ driving. Our journey planning would indicate that I’m going to spend the best part of three days behind the wheel… So, even though I’ve got the Harry Potter audiobook in place, I suspect it will be more of a chore than a pleasure.

graur codrin /

Partly because I am sharing the journey with my mum.

My mum is actually a really great person.   She is warm, has a great sense of humour, and is very generous-hearted.  She also has all sorts of insights you only realise after your temper has calmed down and you realise she’s right. And, to be fair, she doesn’t make such insights in a way that is meant to hurt you – in fact she’s very sensitive as to how she phrases her observations.  It’s just that I know her a bit too well, and I have learned to perfection how to grab the wrong end of the stick every time.  It tends to be weeks later before I grudgingly admit that she’s right. Yet again.

In a car, if you have an uncomfortable atmosphere, there is nowhere to go. Especially on the autoroute at 130 kph.  That and the fact that this is the longest journey the kids have been on.  I anticipate whining.  Lots of whining.

Time to play the Harry Potter, then.  Either that or learn to Apparate.


2 Responses to "Bon voyage?"

Like so many of your posts, I can totally relate. I love my mother dearly but she has zero filters and often makes observations that- while spot-on- are better left unsaid. If you figure out how to apparate without getting splinched, please let me know!

Thanks, Mary! Turned out apparition wasn’t necessary on this occasion – during the journey at least we were remarkably good at keeping our self-censors switched on. It’s a bit different now we’re here in their home though. (I’m just typing a new post about it now in fact…)

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