Why moving house is stressful, Part 3028: The curse of the bunk bed

Posted on: 06/04/2011

We have come to the conclusion that if people are going to look at our house and, in spite of it being pristine, still say that the bedrooms are too small, we need to prove to such people that the bedrooms are actually just fine.

The bunk bed is not helping.

Somehow, bunk beds, in spite of their enormous usefulness in turning a single room into a twin room, have the power to make even a single room look half the size.  Something to do with having a large mass at eye level, I imagine.

As such, when the estate agent gives viewer feedback that the bedrooms are too small for the third time, we reluctantly come to the conclusion that we will have to do something about this if we want the house to sell any time this year.

Loved one did most of the work, I have to admit, but dismantling an Ikea bunk bed is not an easy task.  Nevertheless, somehow we managed to put the kids to bed in the rooms that they once had prior to smallest one’s arrival.  And smallest one has a corner of the study for now.

I have my suspicions that with the dismantled bunk bed shoehorned into the garage, it would only take one curious cat to make the whole thing explode, sending splinters of bunk bed and all sorts of long-forgotten items (not to mention a startled cat) flying in all directions.

(I tried to find a suitable photo, but none of the garage images I googled had anywhere enough clutter to compare. Let alone a flying cat)

Anyhow, we now have four beds in four bedrooms in our four-bed house.  Let’s hope it’s worth the hassle and people stop saying how small the bedrooms are. Even better, let’s hope they say, yes! We’ll buy it!

Well, we can but hope.


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